Chapter 8 - 364

9th Nov 2008

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Reply Enkida, 9th Nov 2008

Problematic Hey everybody. No, I haven't forgotten about you. I'm going back to black and white for a bit just for speed of updating, and the sake of continuing the story. I don't have a regular update schedule planned yet.

Very pleased with the presidential election results, though. :-)

Also, the voting incentives are updating again, and the rating stars are back. Sorry about that...

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Reply Enkida, 10th Nov 2008

Q&A Q: Why hasn't Enkida updated this comic in so long?

A: Because Enkida is pregnant! (This is a good thing.)

User's Comments:

Reply andygoth, 9th Nov 2008

Yay, update! Take your time on the coloring. I know I do. :^)

Reply misuzu, 10th Nov 2008

Hey! congrats on being pregnant! It's good to see ou back :).

Reply pathanos, 10th Nov 2008

wow congrats!!!!!

and that cub in the 3rd panel in sooo adorable i just wanna cuddle it

Reply AZLionheart (Guest), 10th Nov 2008

Update! w00t! Update!

Reply saharasfury, 10th Nov 2008

Hey! Congratulations on the baby on the way!

Reply Kitty Silver, 10th Nov 2008

Congratulations! :D How far along? When did you find out?

Reply Winged Knight (Guest), 10th Nov 2008

Jeeze Borah Borah you douche. Now the little kittens are all confused.

Reply Katharos Drakkina (Guest), 10th Nov 2008


Reply Klebkatt (Guest), 10th Nov 2008

Yay, baby!

Nice to finally see a new page. Just take your time. We're all understanding.

Reply Deugaro (Guest), 11th Nov 2008

Preggers ne? Hope you had fun with that!
Love your artwork though, been with ya since fanfiction.

Don't forget to be adamant for chocolate covered anything ^^.

Reply KoShiatar, 12th Nov 2008

Keep us informed. I hope you'll have a good pregnancy and a healthy beautiful baby!

Reply andygoth, 12th Nov 2008

Hmm Boy or girl... boy or girl? Hmm...


Reply chyiochan, 12th Nov 2008

Reply to andygoth: She's having a Vincent!

Reply andygoth, 12th Nov 2008

to chyiochan I guess that's better than having a Sephiroth.

Reply Kitty Silver, 13th Nov 2008

Reply to chyiochan ;3 No she's having a Sephiroth.

well I hope that she won't name the child Sephiroth like one of my friend's did. Though he is so CUTE. 2356.jpg

Reply TyranT (Guest), 14th Nov 2008

Congrats!!!! Hey, congratulations Enkida! I know it's early but have you thought of possible names yet?

Hey kitty silver-i can understand being a ff7 fan and all, but actually naming your kid Sephiroth? that's a little....wierd. It's kinda like the poor kid whose parents named them Turok, but they were also offered money by acclaim to do so. I don't remember if they actually did it or not...i hope not.

Also, yay for updates!

Reply S San (Guest), 15th Nov 2008

Congratulations! Congratulations Enkida ^_^

I agree with you TyranT I don't think I could be a big enough fan of anything to name my kids after it. I would just feel so sorry for them.

Reply andygoth, 17th Nov 2008

Happy birthday to me! My 25th birthday is coming up soon. It's on Thursday, 20 November.

Last year Strawberrylemonade drew some terrific artwork for me, which you can see here:

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 20th Nov 2008

congrats hi everyone
this is my first comment but I have read the story so far and really enjoy it.

congrats on your pregnancy and hope you well

Reply doom Bubbles, 21st Nov 2008

woah, congratulations! A fan sketch (certainly not art) for nescience grew on my notepad the other day;
(i recently happened across the other 'fanart' i did. it's depressing.)

speaking of cruelly weird names; i knew a guy named luke walker. his middle names was skye.

Reply ChocoboRider (Guest), 23rd Nov 2008

Congratulations on becoming a mother! :D

Reply Devi (Guest), 6th Jan 2009

Belated, but from the heart Congrats on impending motherhood! :)

I don't mind the black and white style at all, it looks good and makes for an interesting change.

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