Chapter 4 - 159

30th Jul 2006

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Reply Enkida, 30th Jul 2006

Not-So-Alone Time The installation of the new system was successful. The bad news is I still lost all my archived data as the recovered HD files were corrupted. That means no going back and fixing old pages. :( The good news is everything else is working, and I have Photoshop and all my fonts back! Q&A time:

Will - my hubby set up the household network to 'practice' administration and security on our personal comps, as that is also his job. So it is actually pretty useful for us to be using Windows, even we are full aware of the painful shortcomings of Microsoft.

Helen - "Heya" is Yuffie's way of saying "Hey There" as a slang greeting. :)

Nenya - If you want to translate the fiction or the comic, please, be my guest. Let me know where it is, too!

To everyone else, thank you for all the comments and voting, I really appreciate it. :) Rufus, Tseng and Elena are this week's incentive, and the incentive gallery has been updated (and bugfixed for IE) as well.

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Reply Nenya-Hiurashi (Guest), 31st Jul 2006

I Love Nanaki in the last scene! *_*
he's so cute!
about the translation, in september i should have finish my other translation and i can begin this! if you give me a ok, i will translate the fanfiction and the doujinshi too.
i've a italian Yuffietine Site where can i post it! :P (i can translate, but i'm not able to write in english XD)

Reply Helen (Guest), 31st Jul 2006

Nanaki is like a spoil brat! Anyway keep writing and drawing!

Reply Zexy (Guest), 31st Jul 2006

x3 Nanaki looks so cool on this page! ^^

Reply Kuba (Guest), 1st Aug 2006

I beg your pardon, Helen, but if anyone is a spoiled brat from FFVII it is Yuffie. Nanaki is emo...there is a difference

Reply Enkida (Guest), 2nd Aug 2006

hey guys. the next page will be a little late, I was up until 5am doing some webpage restoration. Sorry!

Reply Kuba (Guest), 2nd Aug 2006

No is YOUR strip after all.

Reply Immunity (Guest), 3rd Aug 2006

Great work You're wonderful. I bet you're the only artist out there that has made a fan comic of final fantasy with this much effort. I also never understood why there are fans of VincexYuffie, but I think I'm starting to get it. :)
Great work. I admire you!

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