Chapter 8 - 365

25th Nov 2008

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Reply Enkida, 25th Nov 2008

Thank you! Thank you to everyone for your comments. :-) Also a special thank you to Doom Bubbles for the Vasilli artwork, and Andy for running the facebook group. You can find a link to it now under the "Links" page at the bottom, so go check it out and join if you're on Facebook. :-)

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Reply Enkida, 27th Jan 2009

Note to readers Growth has not updated in a while due to my personal circumstances, namely because I had a miscarriage. I have no plans to abandon this comic, but I won't be updating again until I feel ready to do so. I wish I could tell you readers when that was, but at the moment I can't. Thank you for your patience so far, and particularly to Andy Goth and Francesca, thank you for your continued support and assistance.

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Reply andygoth, 25th Nov 2008

Poor Red can't catch a break.

Hey, Nicole and I still need help transcribing comics. All you have to do is pick one of the pages from #320 onward, write down what is said and done in each panel, and email it to me: unununium/at/ .

It makes things easy for me if you use the format found here: . But if you don't want to, that's fine, I can fix it up for you.

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 25th Nov 2008

hi hi everyone
your so lucky to do stuff like this. you have such a good thing going on here. keep up the good work.
I love to draw (mostly vincent and kadaj :P) but I'm not that great but I'll work hard so I do end up being good.

Reply your shadow, 25th Nov 2008

nice page

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 26th Nov 2008

hello I know I just found this comic about a month ago and I really like it
my drawing is getting better *jumps for herself*

Reply Shadow (Guest), 27th Nov 2008

BAD BORAH! *sprays Borah with a water bottle*

Reply Strawberrylemonade, 27th Nov 2008

XD I love his bored face. Priceless

Reply Winged Knight (Guest), 28th Nov 2008

So Borah wants them all to die? Cause that's what is going to happen at this rate. The monsters in the caves will kill them or they'll turn into monsters from the mako. Learning to get along with the humans is their only shot.

Reply Erin (Guest), 2nd Dec 2008

@ Shadow Oh, I loved that!! XD Good work, Enkida!

Reply andygoth, 24th Dec 2008

Joyeux Noël Merry Christmas, everyone!!

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 24th Dec 2008


Reply ChocoboRider (Guest), 25th Dec 2008

Merry Christmas!

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 29th Dec 2008


Reply andygoth, 30th Dec 2008

Death is simply a part of life, and it is certainly not the end of the world. Everyone and everything dies someday, no exceptions. That's what "fair" means. Fairness almost never means having things go the way you want them to. For your hamster to miraculously survive would be "unfair" to all those who were cut down in their prime by cancer. I'm sorry about your hamster, but know that its life is in God's utterly capable hands even though you don't understand His reasons. Cheer up, remember what is good in life, and be happy that your hamster has fulfilled its purpose, even if you don't quite know what its purpose was.

Reply andygoth, 1st Jan 2009

Happy New Year!

Hey, a bit of news: The Growth search engine may soon be unavailable. I don't know when (or if) it will go away, and I don't know when I can get it back online.

Reply Devi (Guest), 6th Jan 2009

Once again, I love your expressive kitteh expressions.

To hamster owner girl: You have my sincere sympathies, losing a pet is never easy.

Reply QuaterComet (Guest), 11th Jan 2009

*Two days after finding pg. one...*

I LOVE where you've gone with this concept! The balance between Red, Yuffie and Vincent's hardships, past demons and resolutions to better their lives is always even and all the more intense with each update. I, for one, love all the 'getting closer' bits between Vince and Yuffers against the backdrop of Nanaki dealing with the thought of leading the Gi to a better life all while the threat that is Borah remains ever-present. :)

(Belated congrats for the pregnancy, and perhaps I can learn a few tips from your stellar comic format! ;D)

Reply Lucca (Guest), 19th Jan 2009

Hey... So what's up with this? I understand that Enkida is busy, and I have no problem with that. It would just be nice to have a little update about what is going on, you know?

Reply andygoth, 25th Jan 2009

Growth search engine The Growth search engine is back online!

Reply Cyn (Guest), 26th Jan 2009

I started reading this comic a few days ago, and I haven't been able to stop reading it XD
I hope you update this again soon ^-^

Reply S San (Guest), 27th Jan 2009

... Love the comic! And really hope to see updates again soon. I'm dying to find out what happens! It's so well done it doesn't even feel like fan fiction it feels like an official continuation of the story :D

Reply jellicle (Guest), 27th Jan 2009

I'm very sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I've been reading this comic for a long time and waiting for more pages, but update when you are ready to. No need to hurry, so take your time.

Reply Saemi (Guest), 27th Jan 2009

Yo! Great comic! I found this just awhile ago, and I'm already in the latest page! I really enjoyed reading this,and you can clearly see how your style evolves in the comic. I wish was also as good as you in drawing. Hehe I hope you update soon. ^-^

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 27th Jan 2009

OH NO I'm so sorry about your miscarriage and I waish you the best. I know you will see your baby again and I know how you feel, it hurts to lose someone you love. *hugs*

Reply TyranT (Guest), 27th Jan 2009

I want to offer my sincere condolences on your loss. All of us Growth fans are here to support you, and we completely understand that the comic will be put on hold because of this. Take as much time as you need, and know that our hearts and minds are with you.

Randall Scatterty, Edmonton/Alberta/Canada

Reply saharasfury, 27th Jan 2009

I am really sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Reply S San (Guest), 27th Jan 2009

Very Sorry to Hear I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. Don't worry about updating until you're ready. We'll still be here, take your time.
God Bless.

Reply Author2b, 28th Jan 2009

I'm so sorry. There isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said. But we will be praying for you, and please take all the time you need.

Reply pathanos, 28th Jan 2009

...crap... i know this can't say all i would hope to say but. the dots say all that needs to be said ? right?

It just needs to be that we are thinking of you and your troubles.

take good care and hope out

ugn i am not the sorta person to say things like this and so often get it wrong ...but i wish you well.

Reply Mthaytr (Guest), 30th Jan 2009

Our thoughts are with you in your time of pain. There is little that we can do but hope that our good will can be of some small help to you - but I will pray for you, and wish you only the best.

Reply Ninjin (Guest), 1st Feb 2009

I'm so sorry *Gives the biggest hug that he can possibly give* Take as much time as you need. We care about you infinitely more than some comic, as great as it is.

I'm so very very sorry about what happened.

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 10th Feb 2009

happy birthday to me tomorrow's my birthday hope it's agreat day foreveryone and also me tee hee

Reply andygoth, 10th Feb 2009

I hope so too. :^)

Reply Sunshine (Guest), 11th Feb 2009

I just want to add my sympathies to those already expressed. Even without having experienced such a thing, we all can imagine how rough this time is for you. Please know that we are all thinking of you and will be checking back not only for updates of this unique story but much more for news of you. You have a great gift for storytelling and storyshowing, but most important is your own health, and we all wish you healing in all things.

Reply Newfan (Guest), 12th Feb 2009

Sorry about waht happened. I can't fathom what you must be going through... I do like your comic a lot... and hope to read more in the future! =D

Reply Kitty Silver, 13th Feb 2009

My sympathies, we knew you really wanted this baby and when you said for the first time that there may be slows we were prepared for the possiblity of any update would be a while if ever.

WHen you're ready then you are ready I don't think any of us would want to push you to start sooner than you feel ready. :3 but thanks all the same for the comic and fanfiction that you have done thus far.

Reply Enkida, 17th Feb 2009

thanks Thanks to everyone for their comments. I will try to get a new page out in the (near) future. I was given a little 4-month old Schipperke puppy to take care of and it has helped break me out of my funk, somewhat. She keeps me very busy too! All in all, since starting this comic three people I have been close to have died, if you count the baby as a person, which I do. Dear Murphy: I could do with a hiatus on the deaths right about now, thanks. On a more positive note, I think I am getting better, which means I might start working on the comic again regularly. So thank you to everyone for your best wishes.

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