Chapter 4 - 160

6th Aug 2006

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Reply Enkida, 6th Aug 2006

Bitter Back in action! Thanks for sticking it out with me. :-) If you think Nanaki's being a little bit mean to Yuffie right now, you're right. One thing I think I didn't make clear enough in the fiction is that Nanaki, for all his age and wisdom, is still basically only around 17 human years old. In theory, even Yuffie is more "emotionally mature" than him... then again, you know Yuffie!

There's a new incentive image up and the incentive gallery has been updated. If any of you have a special incentive request, drop a line and I might do it!

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Reply Enkida, 8th Aug 2006

Ah, great! That's already enough incentives for the next four weeks, but keep 'em coming! :-)

If any of you are interested, you can look at an old discontinued comic I collaborated on once right here. Great artwork from Lian.

User's Comments:

Reply andy (Guest), 6th Aug 2006

Incentive Y'know, people like to ask for Yuffie naked. I have a better idea: Nanaki wearing clothes! Remember when he stowed away to Costa Del Sol?

Reply Zexy (Guest), 6th Aug 2006

Hehe, I like the idea of Nanaki in clothes.

Yay! You're back!

Reply Ruins (Guest), 7th Aug 2006

I third the idea ^_^

I love Nanaki in the last panel, very nicely drawn

Reply Andrea (Guest), 7th Aug 2006

Aww, I love Yuffie's face in the middle panel.

Also, for voting incentive... what about Cloud & Aerith?

Reply Helen (Guest), 7th Aug 2006

Man... Nanaki was MEAN!Did Nanaki even told Yuff about the Gi Tribe? (Don't remember :-( Sadly)

Reply Arashi (Guest), 7th Aug 2006

Nice comic. I love how ya draw and colour the scenery.

Incentive. What about Cloud and Vincent?

Reply Naleh (Guest), 8th Aug 2006

If you draw Nanaki in clothes, you must draw barret in a sailor suit... ^__^ It was so funny, seeing him admire himself in that mirror heh heh

Reply Javet, 8th Aug 2006

You've gotten so much better, comparing the older pages. I love the storyline, too.

Keep it up! =D

Reply Kuba (Guest), 8th Aug 2006

I love the death-glare he gives Yuffie. He reminds me of me...

Reply andy (Guest), 8th Aug 2006

hehehe Barret Naleh: "You look like a bear wearing a marshmallow!"

I have a little brother in the Navy, so I happen to rather like sailor suits.

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