Chapter 4 - 161

8th Aug 2006

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Reply Enkida, 8th Aug 2006

Unspoken, but understood Heh heh, thanks for all the incentive ideas! Next week's incentive will be Nanaki in costume then, though not (yet) in a sailor suit. However I think most of you won't mind what I cooked up... ;-)

I like this page, even though the sky came out way too light in the scan. Nanaki is a really interesting character. He acts like a teenager and an old man all at the same time. At least in my universe, I guess this is why he and Yuffie get along so well. He puts out an old man front to the public, and she puts out a little kid front, but if you dig a little, they have a lot in common.

Thanks for voting!

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User's Comments:

Reply bread4311, 8th Aug 2006

Loving the last panel.

Reply Catnip (Guest), 8th Aug 2006

I let out a big 'Awwwww' at the last panel, very nicely done.

Reply Stormy (Guest), 8th Aug 2006

Awww... So cute. ^-^ Great work!

Reply Onikage (Guest), 9th Aug 2006

Awwww. That's just plain sweet.
Lovin' Yuffie's look in the first panel.

Reply Zexy (Guest), 9th Aug 2006

n_n Last panel made me smile. So cute!

Reply SyxX (Guest), 9th Aug 2006


Reply Helen (Guest), 9th Aug 2006

Awwww I kinda thought Yuff would cry for a moment. I'm happy they made up. NOW WHEN IS VINNIE AND YUFFIE NEED TO MAKE UP!

Reply KoShiatar (Guest), 9th Aug 2006

Yes, I definitely love your storylines and the way you handle your characters. The page layout is slowly getting better, too. I renew my invitation for you to train a lot and put some more anatomy into Yuffie. Keep it up!

Reply Will-, 9th Aug 2006


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