Chapter 4 - 164

15th Aug 2006

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Reply Enkida, 15th Aug 2006

Guest Page Today's page was (woot!) guest-coloured by the fabulous Gabi-hime, the author who pretty much started the Auron-Rikku craze with her wonderful fic "The Shape of His Heart." Very cool, thanks a lot to Gabi for the collab. :-)

Speaking of fictions, I started a new Cid-centric work featuring an oddball pairing. It requires a bit more maturity to get through than 'Growth' ... so much so that I am no longer linking it up here in fact. You can still find it if you look hard enough, though.

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Reply Will-, 15th Aug 2006

Aww. :3

I wonder how it'll turn out.. looking forward to it. :D

Reply Catnip (Guest), 15th Aug 2006

Cheers for the fanfic links, spent all night reading them XD.

Another great comic, well done.

Reply Shy-Guyome (Guest), 15th Aug 2006

Vincent smiling... creepy... :(

lol!!! keep the good work! (or Sephiroth will kill you in your sleep...)

Reply Helen (Guest), 16th Aug 2006

Ummmm Nice coloring. (Or maybe love Vinnie)
Vincent: No Friendship, Helen

Reply Vincent_loves_Cloud, 16th Aug 2006

Vincent smiling... He's lovely. ^^

Reply Will-, 16th Aug 2006

Hmm.. it's different alright.
It's more like a comic book now, light solid simplistic tones, I kinda like it. :3

Better or worse than your's...? Noooo idea. XD

Havn't read any fanfics yet.. keep the links up, I will; just as soon as I finish Pynchon. :D

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