Chapter 8 - 367

19th Feb 2009

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Reply Enkida, 2nd Mar 2009

I hope to get the next page up in a few days. Until then, enjoy some fanart done by Koshiatar!

The Kisaragi Family

No, the art doesn't have anything to do with the current story for all those hopeful romantics, but it is cute. :-)

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Reply Enkida, 19th Mar 2009

Alright, so my dog has sort of blown my plans for getting the next page up in a timely manner completely out of the water. Please accept my humble apologies and a new chapter of "MV"

User's Comments:

Reply andygoth, 19th Feb 2009

Sparkle! I really like the sparkly backgrounds in this page and the previous page.

Reply New Fan (Guest), 22nd Feb 2009

WOOT! It's great to see this updating again. With what i've read, I tend to feel this is better done then what SE is doing/did for FFVII.

Your expanding on characters, and giving a rich and engaging story with it. SE is just putting out games set in the FFVII universe to make more money it seems, because only AC and CC were any good.

Keep up the good work, and can't wait to keep reading!

Reply Guest, 23rd Feb 2009

I like the coloring.

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 23rd Feb 2009

yay I love the colour. bright and stands out. good job

Reply Shiandra (Guest), 24th Feb 2009

We have more! Come on Red! Teach the fool lesson! How's Vincent and Yuffie are doing??

*waits eagerly for more*

Reply andygoth, 27th Feb 2009

Star Wars as Classic Art I'm sure several of you readers will get a kick out of this:

I'm thinking of Shadow_13 in particular, even though we haven't seen you around in nearly a year. Come join us! ;^)

Reply QuaterComet (Guest), 28th Feb 2009

Hmm, I love how menacing Bora looks in the first panel. ^^

Reply Kela (Guest), 3rd Mar 2009

I love the scripting in these last two pages - we're riveted to our seats!
Wonderful to see that you're still around and drawing. Thank you!

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 3rd Mar 2009

Champion last weekend my soccer team RE-United Pheonix had provincials and we won GOLD!!!!

Reply pathanos, 6th Mar 2009

YAY!!!! good to see your back!

Reply kallista (Guest), 12th Mar 2009

Glad to see a update again this always was one of my fav web comics

Reply Rodrigo (Guest), 15th Mar 2009

Keep updating! We want to see the next page soon!

Reply Caithyra (Guest), 16th Mar 2009

This is one of those times when you want someone to snap back "Yeah, they making him real fat, why, a human named Sephiroth tried to feed him a meteor-sized piece of kibble!" Just to show Bora that he knows nothing.

Reply andygoth, 17th Mar 2009

Tasty Mmm, kibble. :^P

Reply Probie, 18th Mar 2009

Lolwhut? Pfft, I just now found this thing and I'm loving it.
You get so into the character's personalities... all while keeping them in-character. I like it very much.

Reply Zequr (Guest), 22nd Mar 2009

Wow, his mane is a lot more impressive than Nanakis mane. I love the way you have potraited him.. borath was it?

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