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Comics - Chapter 8 - 370
23rd Mar 2009

On the 23rd Mar 2009 Enkida wrote:

update schedule? - I don't know what my update schedule will be looking like. Right now it's "I want to finish this comic by 2010, so every time I finish a page I'll upload it." I do apologize for the irregularity of posting, but you can always use the "tag this comic" javascript to keep up.

Someone in RL asked about Borah and Nanaki's varying appearances, so to recap for everyone else:

Nanaki = healthy 17-"human"-years-old
Borah = mako-poisoned 30-"human"-years-old

I forget how old Nanaki is in this comic, it's something between 54-60. I'm guessing that would make Borah around... uh... 150 or so? Give or take. Someone better at math can figure that out if they like...

On the 18th Apr 2015 Advertisement wrote:


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Reader Comments

  Wow, literally the first

This is so odd, me actually being the first to comment on this, I gotz ze rule & the dibs to the day is mine!!

Anyways, I am so surprised you came back & updated 3 in less than a week, real spectacular.

Anyways, glad your back Enkida, hope to see more of your work, & completed story at an end, soon.

posted by Sephalthos (Guest) on 23rd Mar 2009


i have to disagree with the first comment, while i hope to see a lot more of your work and a completed story i hope that the last page is far far away, i like reading this too much for it to be over.

posted by Sum Buddy (Guest) on 23rd Mar 2009

Hey Enkida!

Does the date you have as an ending include Autumn Song as well? :)

posted by saharasfury on 23rd Mar 2009

Re: saharasfury

Yes, it does. It also includes a bonus chapter that's dun-dun-dun NOT PUBLISHED ANYWHERE YET called "Legacy." Which is perhaps the biggest easter egg of all, what with being a whole extra chapter and whatnot.

posted by Enkida on 24th Mar 2009




posted by saharasfury on 24th Mar 2009


Well, looks like my wish for a smackdown's been granted! I particularly love the final panel - all "rrrraw!" and speedlined passion.

posted by Devi (Guest) on 26th Mar 2009

  When Reason Sleeps

The sleep of reason gives birth to monsters.

posted by Winged Knight (Guest) on 26th Mar 2009

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