Chapter 8 - 372

25th Mar 2009

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Reply Enkida, 25th Mar 2009

That headband is actually good for something, apparently...

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User's Comments:

Reply Naya, 25th Mar 2009

Lovin the updates! I love the sudden updates after so long, but I gotta say, I'm missing the water colors :P

Reply Rodrigo (Guest), 25th Mar 2009

keep updating!!! I hope Nanaki use his limit break 4.0!
Or at least some magics. I think he is smart enought to not just close fight someone bigger than him.

Reply andygoth, 26th Mar 2009

Where are Yuffie and Vincent?

Reply Enkida, 26th Mar 2009

re: Naya My husband says the same thing! I liked watercolours better too, but there are some things a puppy just won't let you sit down long enough to do, and painting with anything besides a stylus happens to be one of them. ;__;

Reply Enkida, 26th Mar 2009

re: Andy They're around. You'll see. :)

Reply pathanos, 26th Mar 2009

Enkida! Good to see your up and about again. This fight scene is just in time, I an im a message board RP and was gonna create one of the last servivors!!! I will credit you with the ideas of course :)

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 26th Mar 2009

Bloody Hell Bloody hell that a lot of blood :P hahahaha

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