Chapter 8 - 373

26th Mar 2009

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Reply Enkida, 26th Mar 2009

It's flashback time! Ah, those good old days. When we were all young, and restless, and still had both eyes...

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User's Comments:

Reply Blue Tomoshibi, 26th Mar 2009

Awww... Poor Nanaki

Reply misuzu, 26th Mar 2009

Ouch! I'm getting sympathy pains from seeing this!

Reply Catharsis (Guest), 26th Mar 2009

Whoever that Gi Tribe guy is, he looks like a male lion. The others have always looked like wild dogs to me.

But now that I think about it, they do resemble cats more, at least in this comic.

Reply supercalisto (Guest), 26th Mar 2009

Loving the design of the gi tribe member on this page.

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 26th Mar 2009

aw poor Nanaki *sniff* Picks up tiny Nanaki and hugs him hard

Reply Akunen, 26th Mar 2009

... And that eye went as fast as it appeared. xD

Poor Nanaki. ._.

Reply Rodrigo (Guest), 26th Mar 2009

Great page! Great way to explain that scar Nanaki have. Very loyal to the original story! =)

Reply andygoth, 27th Mar 2009

Nanaki tears Don't think I've ever seen a cat cry before. :^)

Reply r3quiem (Guest), 28th Mar 2009

Heh, I was planning on reading the entire comic this evening; then realized it's incomplete. I really have to pay attention to update dates.
Love both the story and comic. Keep up the awesome work.

Reply r3quiem (Guest), 28th Mar 2009

Btw, Bugenhagen looks pretty young for a guy probably in his nineties.

Reply Vincent (Guest), 28th Mar 2009

Well,that was 50 years ago ,Nanaki is also 50-60 years. love the page btw.

Reply Enkida, 29th Mar 2009

re: r3quiem Thanks for the comments! Bugenhagen is young here. If he's roughly a century old in the game, that would make him roughly 50 years old in the flashback. Maybe a bit younger depending on what the game creators said his age really was. :)

Reply r3quiem (Guest), 29th Mar 2009

Bugenhagen's nearly 130 when you meet him in game, and since Nanaki's ~48 years old, the old guy's around 82 when Nanaki's born. Not sure how old he is in this flashback, but damn, I wanna figure out how Bugenhagen ages so well.

Reply Enkida, 29th Mar 2009

make it to 130 years old and then you probably will!

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