Chapter 8 - 374

30th Mar 2009

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Reply Enkida, 31st Mar 2009

re: Everybody! First of all, thanks for all the commentary. :) To answer a question, that's Nanaki's mom, and it's his dad who died from being petrified by stone "arrows." I've been thinking about this and I've had an idea about how to close that plothole. However it doesn't really fit into the current story (there's no reason to flashback to Nanaki's dad's fight in my opinion). If I do manage to work it into this fight I will, if not, I'll.. uh... write another author comment explaining a possible "solution" later on. XD

Also, this comic is a doujinshi (fan-comic) so it will never be on sale. You will be able to download it in its entirety for free, however, for a limited time after it's done.

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Reply Jobe (Guest), 30th Mar 2009

I sense... ...a Limit Break incoming...

Reply schtolz, 30th Mar 2009

All battle panels look good in your comic. Keep it up!

Reply andygoth, 30th Mar 2009

Am I missing something? Where are the stone arrows?

Reply Catharsis (Guest), 30th Mar 2009

Stone arrows It was his dad that was shot by the stone arrows.

I always thought the Gi Tribe were not of Nanaki's race anyway...which is why they have the appendages to shoot arrows.

Reply misuzu, 30th Mar 2009

Gi tribe-- two-legged? Well, Enkida did mention "bending the canon" here and there, which she does very well. The foundation of a good fanfiction/doujin is having the ability to change things to your taste and still keep as true to the original story as possible.

Reply Kitty Silver, 30th Mar 2009

Gi Tribe Personally I thought that maybe the Gi tribe had allied themselves with humans (or maybe two legged monster?) and then the humans betrayed them after the battle seemed to be losing favor.

Though with Nanaki having that flashback makes me suspicious that Borah's mother will leap in and be like that and be "Don't bully my son! You are suppose to be the savior." *chews Nanaki's face off*

Reply Catharsis (Guest), 30th Mar 2009

Tonberry Cat? Misuzu, you're avatar reminds me of a cat version of a tonberry.

Reply Gem (Guest), 30th Mar 2009

WoW! This is my first time ever seeing this doujinshi, and OH-MAH-GAH I love it! Your art has steadily improved from chapter 1 to now, and it's much better. The story is definitely solid, and Nanaki's story is amazing. Hehe, The guy that slashed his eye out looks like Mufasa from Lion King. Anyway, I really really really am enjoying this story, I'll be back every update from now on to look at the new page. In fact, if you ever finish this and scan it, I would totally love to buy it.

Anyway, yup. I love the Nanaki arc it's on right now, there are only two more chapters to go, no? OH AND VINCENT/YUFFIE <3

=) hehehe

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 1st Apr 2009

uh oh oh no he's angry *runs away*

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