Chapter 8 - 376

1st Apr 2009

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Reply Enkida, 1st Apr 2009

Limit Breaks Darian got it right, this is Nanaki's "Cosmo Memory" limit break. Notice that it's not a materia spell. This ties in to explaining how Nanaki's dad got petrified, which I'll do in a comment.

Interestingly enough, we've now seen the level 4 limit breaks of each of our main characters: All Creation, Chaos and of course Cosmo Memory. That wasn't really planned! They're all the same basic "game mechanic demands an ultimate attack" in the game, but not in this comic: everyone has their own reasons for being able to reach a break of their personal limits. In Vincent's case in particular, it's an unwanted reason he'd rather not have taken. :)

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Reply Enkida, 1st Apr 2009

How did Seto get petrified? We all know that Seto died by stone arrow petrification even in this comic (see page 137). But how? The Gi Tribe as I drew them are the same race as Nanaki, and obviously not archers.

Being the same race as Nanaki, they do share certain attributes with him though. The first is that they are creatures who can hear the lifestream (see pages 113, 268). The second is that they are creatures who can reach a powerful limit break (see above).

Since everyone has a different reason for being able to limit break in this comic, for me it makes sense that the beasts (lion-like, coyote-like, wolf-like, whatever they are) of Nanaki's race do so by drawing from the power of the lifestream. As a side note, this is my reasoning of why they're able to last so long against mako poisoning (~50 years) when it's driving Yuffie, a normal human, insane in under 2 years.

In other words, they're one giant race of Kitty Summoners. Kimahri would be so proud. This theory can be kind of supported by Nanaki's "Cosmo Memory" limit break in Advent Children. In the original game it's a huge red "plasma" burst. In high-rendered AC quality, the "plasma" that Nanaki uses against Bahamut is the same glowing turquoise colour as - guess what - the lifestream.

So how does this relate back to Seto? Well, while he was kicking ass and taking Gi names, obviously someone reached their limit break. Unfortunately, I guess it wasn't Seto. So he got stone spiked by a Gi tribe's petrification limit break. Self-propelling stone arrows made out of summoned lifestream. Stranger things have happened in the FF7 universe. I mean, look at Rosso. (I know I do. A lot. *drool*)

So there you go - plausible explanation for how Seto got stoned! (I still haven't managed to figure out how he cried while being dead AND stone. Vincent would probably claim it's not all that difficult.)

Reply potsi (Guest), 1st Apr 2009

Definately my favorite page I love this page. I'm interested in seeing how this comic will differ from your fanfiction. :D

I hope that a published version of this is available when all is said and done. I would so purchase the comic if it was printed.

Reply andygoth, 1st Apr 2009

Crying Maybe the supposed tears were nothing more than an extremely localized weather phenomenon. :^)

Reply Done25 (Guest), 1st Apr 2009

Stone Arrows At people who haven't played FF7:
In the game you go to this cavern where all the Gh'i spirits are sealed. If you pay attention you will notice that some of the enemies are human specters (aka. ghosts). The most accepted theory is that Cosmo Canyon was divided into two tribes. The guys who survived and the ones who didn't, aka the Gh'i.
I'm guessing they had human archers with a petrification limit break or they dipped their arrows in something nasty.

Reply Darain (Guest), 1st Apr 2009

Cosmo Memory is also a very emotional limit break as well. In some of the dialog, the main characters of FFVII note that the limit break seems to effect more than just Nanaki and the victim. It seems to channel not just the physical effect but also the emotional and perhaps even spiritual effects as well, thus the stary background, etc. It is a personal opinion that Cosmo Memory is definitely unique in the FFVII limit breaks and in many ways shows us how powerful Nanaki and his clan were. And I admit a few tears are shed at the thought of the emotional feeling behind Cosmo Memory.

Reply misuzu, 1st Apr 2009

Great page, Enkida! you gotta teach me how to get that stary look. I always find a way to mess it up.

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 1st Apr 2009

wow the colours are so pretty. *looks at the colour with joy*

Reply QuaterComet (Guest), 1st Apr 2009

Intense visuals -the blood (and the intricate base around the LB) add to the realism and depth of the moment. ^_^

Reply Enkida, 2nd Apr 2009

re: misuzu Oh, I cheat. You can too:

Actually I thought this was linked on the link page. It will be after I update the website.

Reply supercalisto (Guest), 2nd Apr 2009

A great concept and drawing for Red's limit break.

Reply Catharsis (Guest), 2nd Apr 2009

Art style I can't help but notice the changed since the earlier styles. For example, episode 354. They were more detailed and richer then. Any particular reason to change to the current?

Reply Devi (Guest), 10th Apr 2009

Wow, this page is gorgeously done!

Reply Klebkatt, 12th Apr 2009

RedXIII's Limit Break is beautiful. I love staring at it.

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