Chapter 8 - 377

2nd Apr 2009

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Reply Enkida, 2nd Apr 2009

re: Catharsis On the drawing style question: it's really simple. I own a 5 1/2 month old schipperke puppy and hence, I have less time to do the comic than before. One thing I really can't do anymore is watercolour pages, since usually I have to get up every 15 minutes to pull the dog off of something, and the watercolours would dry out before I could finish the colouring. Working on the computer lets me do little bits and pieces at a time, but I sacrifice detail / rely on screentones or brushes instead of drawing stuff to save time.

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Reply potsi (Guest), 2nd Apr 2009

I love that you are back. Sweet I'm the first to post. Your comic is amazing. I'm sorry that things were rough for a bit, but it is good to have you back. You are very talented, and I love your work. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Is there any chance that a print version will be available when it is finished?

Reply QuaterComet (Guest), 2nd Apr 2009

Though a handful, I'm rather jealous to hear you've an adorable Shipperke pup at hand :3 Now then, as for Nanaki's verdict to avenge...

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 2nd Apr 2009


Reply Enkida, 3rd Apr 2009

re: potsi Sorry, but no... I'm fairly sure it would be a copyright violation to sell a fan-comic for money, and I couldn't afford to bring this to print any other way. You can, however, download the entire comic for a while (maybe until 2011 or so) and print it out yourself, if you so desire.

Check out the "Archives" page to find the .zip file to do that.

Reply Darian (Guest), 3rd Apr 2009

He Won't I would lay odds that Nanaki won't kill him. After all, Nanaki knows better than most ... What his father would do. And it isn't to the take life of enemy who is clearly beaten.

Reply pathanos, 3rd Apr 2009

Hey Enkida!

That Limit break was kewl! I have been missing Growth for a while and now ^.^ it gives me something to read during the day [at lunch]


Reply Zequr (Guest), 7th Apr 2009

I like the picture of Borah lying down and Nanaki showing his teeth to him. You really got the proportions right there

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