Chapter 8 - 378

3rd Apr 2009

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Reply trenton_dawn, 3rd Apr 2009

Wasn't it still "Cure 3" in FF7? Just curious.

Reply Guest, 3rd Apr 2009

yeah it was cure 3 in ff7, though i think it does sound much better in the story to have him say curaga just becase ... well cuz it sounds a lot better than having him say cure 3

Reply QuaterComet (Guest), 3rd Apr 2009

Oh noble Nanaki, even the likes of the Gi cannot be swayed by an alternative to carnage... :<

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 3rd Apr 2009

hiya hi yas!!
I haven't seen vincent or yuffie in awhile. hope to see them again.
love the page! love the background

Reply Rodrigo (Guest), 4th Apr 2009

Yay! Great page, Red and Yuffie were always my favorites in the group. (and Cait Sith)

Reply F.rain (Guest), 4th Apr 2009

I am almost ashamed to say that I discovered this today and finished all 378 pages of it when I'm supposed to be working on an assignment. Eeps.
Keep up the great work though!
(I've been a fan of yours since I read the original fanfic, but this doujinshi is awesome in its own way!)

Reply bubblefox, 4th Apr 2009

Respect for Nanaki, revenge isn't everything indeed. Though, I'd kick that stubborn Borah's ass with much pleasure (Hehe) ^^

Great story! Love this Doujinshi!

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