Chapter 8 - 379

6th Apr 2009

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Reply Enkida, 6th Apr 2009

Bleh, Borah Sick like a dog, already on antibiotics, should be better in a week. Pages might be a bit slower forthcoming for a few days.

Is Borah really all bad? Is Bashiya really a nice old lady? Sure, Borah's got a Nanaki-sized chip on his shoulder, but his own mom did try to depose him. If we assume everyone in the tribe thinks about honor and duty the way Borah does, that could mean she *did* ask Nanaki to kill him.

Hey, I'd be mad too! But does that justify his behavior, especially to Nanaki? I'd like to hear what you guys think. :)

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User's Comments:

Reply Naya, 6th Apr 2009

I love that look on Borah's face in the middle (third) panel there. XD;

Reply QuaterComet (Guest), 6th Apr 2009

Perhaps I was wrong. Borah does seem to kinda sorta be heading for a change of pace!

(Hope you feel better quick. :[)

Reply bubblefox, 7th Apr 2009

Yeah well... I think they'll need Borah if they want to gain the trust of those other Gi-tribe members. Such a vow is a good way. You go, Nanaki! ^^

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 8th Apr 2009

man, Borah looks good in the middle

Reply Devi (Guest), 10th Apr 2009

Maybe not justify... ...but certainly explain. I suppose Borah just never knew a different way of going about life other than violence and bitterness (plus that particular concept of honour). He certainly needs a lot of healing (and not the kind a Cure3 can provide), and it seems like Nanaki recognises that.

Speaking of which... quite a daring move of Nanaki to "bare his throat" at this juncture, indeed. We've yet to see whether he'll get through to Borah with this, or whether the rift between their worldviews is just too big to be bridged...

Feel better!

Reply andygoth, 10th Apr 2009

Cure3 may not be what Borah needs. How about a Manipulate? :^)

Reply Rose (Guest), 11th Apr 2009

@ andygoth

lol I agree XD

Reply SvarogExodeus (Guest), 11th Apr 2009

Nah. I rather just beat Borah up even more- good exp im guessing. How about Final Moon + Mime?

Reply Neph (Guest), 12th Apr 2009

Would He Bite the Paw? ...That was such a lame pun.

ANYWAY. I hope you're feeling better by now, Enkida. :) I've been sick, too. Coughing a lot, not fun. x__x But I just had some cake, so that sort of makes up for it. :P Great page, it makes you wonder what will happen next. Especially since Borah's next move could prove so pivotal to the rest of the story.

Reply Klebkatt, 12th Apr 2009

My honest oppion of Borah is that he's a dick; but, I've read the fanfic, so I'll say nothing more.

I love this inturpertation of the FF7 world. It's a good story all hands down.

Reply Arty (Guest), 14th Apr 2009

Welcom back! It's good to see you are feeling better.
I really love reading your comic because you've done such a wonderful job of portraying the characters, and it has an interesting plot.
Good job :)
No need to worry about water colours vs computer colouring. Whatever the medium, your doing an excellent job with that too.


Reply andygoth, 16th Apr 2009

Incentive The new incentive reminds me of early Sam and Fuzzy, where the artist would sometimes use a photo of a rabbit to distract the reader from what he thought was poor-quality art and commentary. Example:

By the way, I disagree with the artist about the quality; I think it's great no matter what. :^)

Reply FFVII ACFANGIRL (Guest), 16th Apr 2009

andygoth I agreee, any type of work us always great and besides I thought it was funny :P

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