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Comics - Chapter 4 - 168
3rd Sep 2006

On the 3rd Sep 2006 Enkida wrote:

Back on track! - Whew, welcome to September! The comic is back on track, so I'm hoping to pull it back up to the 40's at TWC this week. And to help with that, there's a brand spanking new colour incentive of Vincent and Yuffie to see. :) For the record, the remaining requested incentives that I know of are Yuffie and Cid, Barret in a sailor suit, Barret and Marlene, and Seifer from FF8. I'm always open to requests, so feel free to keep on leaving them!

To answer some questions - no, "Growth" is not ending until we hit all 9 chapters. The story "Ain't Like I Planned" is over, though I might tack on an epilogue to it later. Later being, when I am not so busy!

And why am I busy? Because Masama Hideki has launched this week as well. Please go check it out if you like "Fushigi Yugi" style fantasy comics. :)

And last but not least, the incentive gallery has been updated. Please remember to go vote this week, and thanks for reading! :)

On the 26th Apr 2015 Advertisement wrote:


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Reader Comments


Blackmail isn't always a bad thing... As long as it isn't me who's being blackmailed. xD Nice page.

You should make an incentive of Tifa. Haven't seen her a lot. ^^

posted by Shizuma (Guest) on 3rd Sep 2006


I don't know why, but I adore the look on Reds face in the third panel.
Vincent is, as ever, quite yummy.

Incentive requests??? OooOoooo!! Please do Reno!! *drool* No one ever does anything for or of him. :’o( Better yet... Do one of all the men of FFVII and REALLY kick-start an aerobic workout for my heart! THAT would be worth framing!! *GRIN*

posted by Shadow_13 on 3rd Sep 2006


Is it just me, or does Yuffie have a halo in the last panel?

posted by andy (Guest) on 4th Sep 2006


Yup, that's a halo. ^^ She's trying to look innocent. :P

Great page! I love how you draw Red. <3

posted by Stormy (Guest) on 5th Sep 2006


When Yuffie looks innocent, I *know* she's guilty.

posted by andy (Guest) on 5th Sep 2006

  "That's because it IS a bad thing

heh... leave it to Yuffie to find a way to blackmail Nanaki.

and maybe even Vincent!

posted by Darius Blackthorne (Guest) on 6th Apr 2007


I love how Yuffie is trying to act all innocent, but she knows that she's guilty.

posted by Silverblood87401 (Guest) on 25th Jul 2007

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