Chapter 8 - 383

29th Apr 2009

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Reply Enkida, 29th Apr 2009

Pre-pre-pre warning. I'm thinking about moving "Growth" off of SmackJeeves. Don't worry, however, you'll all be copiously forewarned before any sudden URL switch is made.

Also, the grammar "error" was intentional so to speak, but thanks for the input. :)

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Reply Enkida, 4th May 2009

Important request For readers of this comic, I know I've said differently in the past. But please don't donate money to SmackJeeves for the sake of a donator code, even if you like this comic. I can't in good faith ask my readers to monetarily contribute to the SmackJeeves site anymore. Thanks, and my apologies.

User's Comments:

Reply Blue Tomoshibi, 29th Apr 2009

Thanks for the heads up on the possible URL change. ^^

Poor Yuffie, worrying about mutating is a pretty big worry. ._.;

Reply Akunen, 29th Apr 2009

Ahaha. xD Spider Yuffie. It's adorable.

Reply pathanos, 29th Apr 2009

yuffie is so cute the way you draw her :)

Reply andygoth, 29th Apr 2009

Poor, confused Yuffie Puberty can be a pretty strange time. ;^)

Reply Garronn (Guest), 29th Apr 2009

That is so cute. Though now I am wondering what she would turn into...

Reply Klebkatt, 29th Apr 2009

I can reconmend a few good free webhosts, but they all require you know html to build your site (unless you want to use use their templates).

Otherwise, Yay! New page!

Reply Guest, 29th Apr 2009

re: Klebkatt Thanks, but actually I do own my own server. The big hiccup at the moment is simply configuring it. %) Anyone who actually has experience with setting up mySQL databases on Linux servers can feel free to offer friendly advice. >_<

Reply QuaterComet (Guest), 29th Apr 2009

Vince <3. ^__^

I'd be bowled for six if Yuffie got wings (Chaos-style? xD) *and* spider legs!

Reply andygoth, 29th Apr 2009

SQL I suggest avoiding using an SQL server. Instead use SQLite; it's an SQL library, not a server, so there's nothing to configure. It's what I use for the Growth search engine, among many other things.

Reply Devi (Guest), 29th Apr 2009

Spider Yuffie = funniest thing ever! ^_^

Reply Klebkatt, 1st May 2009

re Enkida Okay, wasn't aware of that. Saddly, I don't know anything about SQL. I may know of someone who could help out, but he'd probably want to be paid, and I'm pretty sure you have no intrest in that.

Reply FFVIIACFANGIRL (Guest), 1st May 2009

aww aww spider yuffie and wingged yuffie are to cute

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