Chapter 4 - 169

5th Sep 2006

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Reply Enkida, 5th Sep 2006

Friendship I'm pleased with this page. You guys might have noticed Vincent and Yuffie's hair changing a bit; after a good long last week of looking at DoC and AC designs, I figured I should try to bring their hairstyles more 'in character.' Hope it is working out. :) Again, thanks for voting!

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Reply Will-, 5th Sep 2006

WE?! Um.. I'm actually running out of things to say. o_o
So um, keep it up. XD

Reply andy (Guest), 5th Sep 2006

Vincent has gone from a weird oversized collar that covered half his face to this handsome Nehru jacket lookin' thing. It's an improvement, to be sure... as Vincent is learning, being dark, mysterious, and solitary gets old after a while. Now all he needs is a bit of a suntan. :^)

Reply misuzu, 5th Sep 2006

I really love this comic. And from what I know of you I can tell you're a really great person. with school starting today I probably won't be around much but I'll continue to vote for you everyday and rate your lovely comic! Afterall, you're my favorite artist and the reason I joined smackjeeves! Anyway, you keep up the good work!

Reply Rose (Guest), 6th Sep 2006

Aww Red looks so cute in the last panel

Reply melly (Guest), 6th Sep 2006

The first panel of how Vincent was searching for conpanionship all along almost made me cry... very well done.

Reply Shizuma (Guest), 6th Sep 2006

Aww. I like how this is coming out. Vincent does need friends, hehe. Well, I have no reason not to vote everyday, as I twisted my ankle. Keep up the greatness!

Reply Will-, 6th Sep 2006

XD You're right, Red's starting to look like a Tigger doll. XD

Reply Adam Zero (Guest), 6th Sep 2006

Holy Zen I just noticed!!! YUFFIES EYES ARE PURPLE!!!
OMGWTF?!.....feel sooooo lame for not noticing earlier on ><

Reply Shadow_13, 6th Sep 2006

CONGRATS!!!! Your fanfic reached 100 reviews!! YEAY!*Shadow tosses some confetti* I am SO loving this comic (love the story it is made from even more!! - I am SO greedy! I had to read it all!!) :op Kudos to you, girlfriend! Very well done! :o)x)

Reply Kira (Guest), 6th Sep 2006

Your art is definitely improving - you should be proud. ^__^

Reply Aku Suzaku (from VnYmaGCc) (Guest), 7th Sep 2006

Cuddly-Wuddly-Nanaki-chan! I swear, that furball is getting cuter and cuter. I WUV your SD figures! And I LOVE Yuffie's "makofied" eyes! I always thought they were a sort of purple/grey too, from eye-dropping the original artwork. ^_^ Although I'm not sure about Vincent saying she's pale--her skintone looks pretty normal to me. :) Keep up on the great work!

Reply Undone (Guest), 7th Sep 2006

wow, very nice..

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 25th Oct 2006

Vincent: Very well. When will we be leving?
Red and Yuffie: WE?!
They're faces! XD

Reply Eumary, 4th Feb 2007

So I decided to comment. You've improved so much since the first chapter you made. It looks awesom. Keep it up!

Reply Hojo (Guest), 7th Nov 2007

WE?! '' WTF = Hahaaa !!

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