Chapter 4 - 170

7th Sep 2006

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Reply Enkida, 7th Sep 2006

Score! Hey, thanks for all the wonderful comments on the last strip!

I decided to try a different kind of layout on this page. I decided after I finished it that I don't like it. Sorry Will Eisner, but I need my bordered panels! ^__^;

Also, someone brought up a good point in the comments - I do colour Yuffie's "makofied" eyes purple, but officially I think her eyes are grey. I guess if I dressed her up in blue, I'd give her eyes a blue hue if I was being careful about it; I figure grey eyes look different depending on what clothes you wear. At least they do on Elizabeth Taylor. :-)

Also, a big thanks to Kirlaskia for the Y-V-C fanart, it's posted in the gift gallery. I love getting gift art, so thanks a whole bunch!

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Reply Enkida, 2nd Apr 2008

gauntlet error fix'd

User's Comments:

Reply Amarou, 7th Sep 2006

*falls over laughing* They really need to hook up X3

and I like hoe he looked in ther first the layout <3

Reply Shizuma (Guest), 7th Sep 2006

Haha, poor Vincent. Nice job on how ya drew the last panel, as well as the shocked faces.

Reply Will-, 7th Sep 2006

Le glomp Just one big family/three person party again. XD Wonder if there'll be random battles. o_o

Reply andy (Guest), 7th Sep 2006

In a fit of emotion, Yuffie learns a new limit break: Flying Suplex Hug!

Reply Aku Suzaku (from VnYmaGCc) (Guest), 7th Sep 2006

"Major Score!" XD YAY! Love the tackle! XD Nah, I don't really think Yuffie's eyes are purple--nobody (human) has true purple eyes anyway (I read somewhere Liz Taylor's are supposedly violet--which is somewhere between blue and purple, which is more likely to naturally occur, and like hazel-coloured eyes, has the effect of looking slightly different under different conditions.) And IMHO Yuffie is most likely Japanese, which means her eye colour should be in the brown to black range. Grey or violet eyes are a caucasion trait after all. :)

"...if you will have me." GOSH! Is that a PROPOSAL, Vinnie?! *evil cackle*

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 7th Sep 2006

Wow. I love how violent that exuberant tackle-hug is. Vincent's legs flying everywhere is just great too.

Reply Shadow_13, 8th Sep 2006

Is it just me, or does Yuffie look incredibly sexy in the second to last panel? She looks very beautiful and *gasp* like a ... (dare I say it?) ...WOMAN!!!

Reply melly (Guest), 8th Sep 2006

^.^ Something tells me that vincent's going to be black and blue in the morning >.<

Reply Shy-Guyome (Guest), 8th Sep 2006


Reply Stormy (Guest), 9th Sep 2006

Woohoo!~ About time Vinny got glomped! XD

He looks great in the first panel, btw. ^-^

Reply Karlos (Guest), 9th Sep 2006

Heya! I love your comic to bits but, just one thing...Vincent's Gauntlets on the wrong arm :o

Reply sniper (Guest), 9th Sep 2006

lol. xD

Reply Yargo, 9th Sep 2006

Nice well, ive been reading your comic a long a time ago, but this is my first comment.

your art is veryyyyyy beautiful! you deserve 1 place at TWC. I've got the idea to tell about your comic at orkut and ff foruns, so u can get lots of votes and readers. Ill do that as soon as i can. I hope that at least some more people come here at the site and enjoy this marvelous story

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 25th Oct 2006

AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!! Darn you Yuffie! Give my Vinny! ^^

Reply Darius Blackthorne (Guest), 6th Apr 2007

ATTACK HUG!!!!!!!!!

Reply KC (Guest), 2nd Jul 2007

um o.o i swore vincents metal like arm was on his right arm not his left. but im usually wrong

Reply Silverblood87401 (Guest), 25th Jul 2007

Poor Vincent, being tackled by Yuffie and all, but he should have expected it after all...

Reply Luna (Guest), 19th Aug 2007

XDD I love her tackleglomp! I fell off my bed giggling at the last panel!

Reply andygoth, 2nd Apr 2008

Gauntlet switcheroo Heh, you just mirrored the panels. Cute.

My theory is that it was getting sweaty under the gauntlet and Vincent needed to trade off. ;^)

Of course, now Nanaki's wrong eye is scarred, and Yuffie has a scratch on the wrong shoulder.

Reply Enkida, 2nd Apr 2008

aww, I knew I missed something. Time for a minor edit. XD

Reply andygoth, 2nd Apr 2008

This sort of thing happens at work. A quick fix to patch one thing also breaks two other things. The programmer often knows in advance that this will happen, but management tells him to do it anyway, and then is upset with the programmer for having broken the two other things. Silly. And of course the two other things are also solved by quick fixes, which each break two other things. ;^) Sometimes this goes on for quite a while. The only real solution is the in-depth fix the programmer was originally told not to do, which would have taken less time than all the patches, all of which have to be reverted in order to do the real fix!

I'm not telling you to redraw the whole page, of course; I'm just telling a story. Personally I would have left the gauntlet on the wrong hand; it didn't bother me in the least.

Reply Enkida, 2nd Apr 2008

His gauntlet was big and shiny enough to bug *me,* though. ;-)

Reply Kuragari, 25th Mar 2010

As Ive said, young yuffie grasshopper-san has mastered the art of teh glomp.

of course, this is Yuffie. Of course she would master it.

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