Chapter 4 - 172

12th Sep 2006

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Reply Enkida, 12th Sep 2006

raincheck 3am = enkida tired = author comments later ^^;

Being slightly more awake now, first off thank you again for all the lovely comments, both on yesterday's page and today! I really can't stress enough how much I appreciate hearing from you guys. :-)

Anyway, there's not much to say about this page, other than that this isn't actually a new costume for Yuffie. She just took her jacket off (along with a few other accessories.) I thought it would be nice to mix up her costume a little bit for the next scene, since they're supposed to be relaxing right now.

... not that Vincent ever relaxes, heh. :)

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User's Comments:

Reply andy (Guest), 12th Sep 2006

Methinks Yuffie isn't wearing enough armor. Or maybe fighting fantasy monsters is easier and safer than I think it is. Always wondered about that...

Reply Shizuma (Guest), 12th Sep 2006

Yuffie looks better in that top, I think. Nice job on the clouds, I can't draw them whatsoever. And, Vincent is gorgeous as always. <3

Reply Amarou, 12th Sep 2006

wooooow I agree, I like Yuffie in that top! :3 Very nice!
and if I was Yuffie I would kiss that look off of Vincie's face *3*

Reply Kuba (Guest), 12th Sep 2006

You KNOW Yuffie could hear him coming and wanted to pose cooly so that when Vincent walked in she could turn her head all stylish-like.

Reply Catnip, 13th Sep 2006

I think Yuffie's got the 'just got up and threw something on' look about her, though it is very cute.

Reply Naleh (Guest), 13th Sep 2006

hmm...I wonder if Vincent is a morning person? O.o0 I wonder is there coffee there? if there is then yuffie should stay away from it ^-^

Reply Shadow_13, 13th Sep 2006

Uugh! I really want Yuffies outfit! (Have since the very beginning of this comic)… NOW I get to be jealous of her for other reasons *ahem* because you are getting better and better at drawing a very luscious Vincent - particularly noting the last page with a fair amount of drool… and said mounting jealousy (no pun intended).

I seriously am gonna have a cow later on as you get further into the story.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 14th Sep 2006

SAY NOW...!! Gotta be tough in continuing wid the series - what wid all da need to make a well-presentable comic strip...

I'm jus counting da moments for dat next page :)

Reply Crystal (Guest), 14th Sep 2006

Don't hate me... ...and I know this is comon practice in comics but is'nt it like robbing the cradle? I mean how old is Vincent? I mean he's hot but how old...and isn't he like dead or what?

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