Chapter 4 - 173

14th Sep 2006

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Reply Enkida, 14th Sep 2006

Full Consultation Hey all! Thanks again for the comments and the votes! Someone asked the age-old question, "What about the age difference?" (now that there seems to be hints towards a romance. Not that anyone should tell Vincent this, I suppose, he might freak! ;-) )

Those of you who read the fiction know my essay on the topic, but in short it goes something like this: Yuffie is 21 years old in this comic. Vincent, freaky scientifically altered, age-stopped, but not dead person that he is, is physically... uh, 27 (thx guys!), I think it was. He did sleep in the coffin for about 30 years, which would technically make him around 57 years old. For my intents and purposes, he was actually sleeping in that coffin, though, so he woke up in a 27 year old body feeling like a 27 year old, and it's been five years since then (Vincent feels like a 32 year old but doesn't look it.) So, technically their age difference is something like 11 years. I don't know about you guys, but my parents are 11 years apart and my husband and I are 10 years apart. So no, I don't really think it's robbing the cradle or anything.

All that being said, Vincent isn't looking for romance around these parts. Though if you want to know what Yuffie is thinking... well, you better keep reading. :)

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Reply Amarou, 14th Sep 2006

I like the last panal! ^___^

and yaaaaaayness, I can't wait to them getting all romancie!

and you're married!? O.O I didn't know that DX *feels stupid*

Reply SC (Guest), 14th Sep 2006

Actually, I heard that Vince was around 27 when he stopped aging. Can't remember where I heard it, but that's what I heard.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying this comic so far and am looking forward to your next page :)

Reply Shizuma (Guest), 15th Sep 2006

Once more, a wonderful page. <3

Reply Neph (Guest), 15th Sep 2006

Age difference? Bah. Who cares. :P It doesn't matter if it's true love... *is a hard-core romantic* Unless, of course, it's an old geezer marrying a 20 yr. old or something. Then it's definitely freaky. XD But as it's not... Go, go, go with the comic! I will be waiting in the shadows...
*shadowy figure stabs a Yuffie voodoo doll and magics herself into the comic* Hee... hey, I can dream, can't I? ^__^;

Reply andy (Guest), 15th Sep 2006

If Vincent's a cradle robber, then Yuffie's a grave robber. :^)

Reply Stormy (Guest), 15th Sep 2006

^ Totally agree. XD Great page! Love the perspective in the last panel. =)

Reply bluefish (Guest), 17th Sep 2006

Hey, I've been reading this for a little while and I thought I'd say "hi". Keep up the good work!

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