Chapter 4 - 174

17th Sep 2006

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Reply Enkida, 17th Sep 2006

Set-up Wow, the 200 page mark is slowly but steadily approaching. Phew, huh? Maybe by then I'll stop messing up on the perspective so much. ^__^; Once again, my inking pen ran out halfway through this page, so I had to do the lower half of the panels with a brush instead. It feels like I've gone through 200 pens already sometimes...

Anyway, I combined two incentive requests into one this week - Barret in a sailor suit, and Barret with Marlene. Well, it was just screaming to be done together, you know. ;-) TWC seems to be working fine again, so please go vote, and check it out!

The incentive gallery should be updated again, too. Thanks for reading!

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User's Comments:

Reply Neph (Guest), 17th Sep 2006

LOL! I love the incentive... that's too precious. Marlene is TOO cute! *hugs*
And... Barret in a sailor suit? What's up with that? *laugh* Not that it doesn't work. :P
Anyway, keep it up! I love Vincent's expression in the last panel. Just... something about it. :D

Reply Amarou, 17th Sep 2006

I love Vince's look in the last panel.

Reply Stormy (Guest), 17th Sep 2006

Yeah, his expression is just so...gentle. It's beatifully drawn. :)

..."GRAB" XD

Reply Lionheart (Guest), 18th Sep 2006

I loved the incentive page. Well done!

Reply Shizuma (Guest), 18th Sep 2006

Haha! That incentive rocks. And, I like how you coloured the materia. Strange thing to pick out, but I like it. @_@ Hehe.

Reply Helen (Guest), 18th Sep 2006

OOOO! What did he pick! The Supsence is killing me!

Reply Andrea (Guest), 18th Sep 2006

Neph -- don't you know that Barret wore a sailor suit as a disguise at one point in the game? :P

Great comic, and I love the incentive! Haha. <3

Reply libra_in_red, 18th Sep 2006

Awesome. I love the comic in color, and the incentives kill me. Keep it up!

Reply Neph (Guest), 19th Sep 2006

Well, Andrea... I'm a fan of FVII, even though I've never had the fortune to even behold the game case in real life... I've just watched Advent Children and picked up on the plot from around the web. ^__^;; Like from you just now. Is that weird?

Reply andy (Guest), 19th Sep 2006

That gun is freakin' huge.

Reply chibi cloud ftw (Guest), 14th Aug 2008

i play ff7 lots completed it like over 50 times wooooo

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