Chapter 4 - 175

19th Sep 2006

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Reply Enkida, 19th Sep 2006

Inferior Equipment Haven't managed to get myself to the art store to get a new pen, so the inking is a little thin today. ^__^;

In other news, storywriting like crazy right now. I'm working with JP on an Ikebana novel at the moment, since his computer is broken and he can't update his comics right now. If you read Ikebana, it will be following the story of Subuki as a young !human girl. It will also tell you a lot about what exactly "Ikebana" itself is.

So stay tuned and look out for it! Very exciting stuff going on around these parts! :-)

Once again, thanks for the comments and please keep on voting!

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User's Comments:

Reply Shizuma (Guest), 19th Sep 2006

Hehe, I have to replace my ink pens also... I'm broke, however, so I'm screwed for a bit. ^_^;;

I like Red on the table... He reminds me of my cats. Hehe.

Reply wolfloner, 19th Sep 2006

thank you because of this comic I was driven to actually PLAY Final Fantasy VII. (Beat it about an hour ago). and now I'm glad I did, otherwise I wouldn't have understood this page at all. :( XP Vincent helped me beat the game equiped with a wizard bracelet so they aren't THAT bad.

Reply Kuba (Guest), 19th Sep 2006

Tiny brain?! What a...

Reply andy (Guest), 19th Sep 2006

Red looks a bit like my dog when he's peeking over the kitchen counter, except that whenever my dog does it, he takes something down with him. One day I lost four hamburger buns to him, one by one!

Reply warlife, 20th Sep 2006

Fuck shes a fine one to be talking on the tiny brain comment

Reply Shadow_13, 20th Sep 2006

Home... I just got back from being in the hospital critical care unit for the better part of a week (after major surgery) and your comic was the first thing that both cheered me up and motivated me to do more than zonk out on pain meds. Enkida, thanks again for playing the part of the unassuming hero in a weird way!

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 20th Sep 2006

Lovin' it Loving this comic. Always been a fan of Yuffentines, and adding Red as a main character as well has really worked. I just keep re-reading the pages over and over again. Keep up the good work.;)

Reply Helen (Guest), 20th Sep 2006

Why doesn't he have Limited Moon?

Reply bluefish (Guest), 20th Sep 2006

It IS nice to see the non-main game characters get their own screentime.

I have no idea what those accesories are. It has been, what, at least seven years since I've played the game.

Reply Neph (Guest), 20th Sep 2006

I love how Red's carrying his things in his mouth in the first panel... it's just... so cute. XD And Yuffie's "What the HECK...?" expression is funny, too. Keep it up!

Reply Kuba (Guest), 21st Sep 2006

It IS nice to see non-main characters in the limelight, but ever since Dirge of Cerberus Vincent and Yuffie have had much more attention.

Poor Nanaki is left out...but at least he has this comic, right?



Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 24th Sep 2006

What gives?! Not to sound in a metrosexual way, but I gotta point out how SquareEnix decided to cover up Vincent in full leather... Now from Tetsuya Nomura's original artwork, Vincent is supposed to be wearing a dark long-sleeved shirt (much like your depiction of him in the comic), so why cover up Vincent so much? I mean, they could've at least left him with a "one-arm-no-sleeve" shirt, i.e. Auron of FFX. C'mon, Cloud isn't the only pretty boy on the team that could show some biceps -- excluding Barrett & Cid since they're the type who aren't easy on the eyes, and they swear a lot, too ;D

Anyways, I'm just glad you stuck with Vincent's original outfit and even removing his cape from time to time, cuz I bet that article of clothing would be really hot (temperature hot, not sexy)>_<

Kudos to ya, me & the rest of the world will be waiting for your upcoming chapters :]

Reply Hojo (Guest), 7th Nov 2007

i totally adore red carrying his pouch

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