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Comics - Chapter 4 - 176
21st Sep 2006

On the 21st Sep 2006 Enkida wrote:

Equipped - Still no ink pen for me, sorry about the weak lining. ^__^; I gather a few of you aren't familiar with the game, so here's a quick rundown to help you understand the upcoming pages. You can skip reading all this if you've played FF7 before!

Weapon and bracelets come with variable amounts of materia slots; some rare equipment allows for a double growth rate of materia, but as a tradeoff they are not all that strong. The best weapons for our heroes are the Limited Moon (Nanaki), the Conformer (Yuffie) and the Death Penalty (Vincent) - none of them allow for any materia growth even though the weapons do have materia slots.

Wizard bracelets don't provide a lot of defense, but they DO have the most number of materia slots of any armour AND allow for normal growth. Mystiles are the best overall armour in the game, and also provide for normal materia growth. Ziedrichs are the best physical armour in the game (and the preferred choice of discerning Turks), but have no materia slots at all and also no magic protection.

Ribbons protect from almost all status effects. Reflect rings reflect ANY spell cast on a user except for monster specials.

'Odin' is a summon materia; when called, he deals damage and sometimes inflicts INSTANT DEATH on enemies. If you link him with an 'added effect' materia on a weapon or armour, you get the added effect DEATH. This is actually pretty important because ribbons, god bless 'em, don't protect from the status attack of DEATH.

With that, you are all now ready to understand the upcoming pages. ;-)

And yes... ever since DoC came out, this entire universe has become officially non-canon, and Vincent and Yuffie (though this is more from KH) are now super popular. But don'tcha worry, us die-hard fans still love Nanaki too, and he will be getting plenty of airtime in this comic. :-)

On the 19th Apr 2015 Advertisement wrote:


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Reader Comments


can't tell the difference between pen and no pen *grins stupidly* speaking of materia remember knights of the rouind? they kicked eeyor ;p

posted by Grey Wolf (Guest) on 22nd Sep 2006


Dont disk the kitty yuffie *gives kitty a hug*

posted by warlife on 22nd Sep 2006


OOooo! I love Yuffie's face in the second panel

posted by Sheepsies (Guest) on 22nd Sep 2006

  Thank you

TYVM for writing this story... i absolutly love it! I think that Vincent haveing friends is sooo cute! XD

posted by tyasha demon (Guest) on 23rd Sep 2006


Thanks for the assurance Enkida!

posted by Kuba (Guest) on 23rd Sep 2006


Eeks! I keep coming laaaate! Very busy lately... Hehe. Nice job. ^_^

posted by Shizuma (Guest) on 24th Sep 2006


Thank you SO much for putting up that stuff about materia and weapons and everything... I was feeling so left out. ^__^;; I'm gonna buy the game for myself soon, though... and then I shall be outcast no more! *triumphant pose* Keep 'em comin', y'all (hey, I was on a roll with the Western accent).

posted by Neph (Guest) on 24th Sep 2006


Actually, the linework is ok. It might even be better, because it doesn't overpower the colors.

posted by bluefish (Guest) on 24th Sep 2006


Thanks so much for putting the explanation on the side! I've never played FF7 myself...(I know, I'm a bad person...T.T). I know enough to love the comic, but a few things kept confusing me. So thanks! ^_^

posted by Luna (Guest) on 19th Aug 2007

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