Chapter 4 - 178

3rd Oct 2006

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Reply Enkida, 3rd Oct 2006

"..." Well, you have to admit the Death Penalty is a freaky gun. As a recap for those who don't know, its game stats are pretty crappy... unless you use Vincent a lot. Every enemy he kills raises the stats of the Penalty. It's a vampiric gun!

Anyway, I finally went through the backlogged incentives and updated the incentive gallery. I think we have 2 requested incentives left: Tifa and Reno. So if you want to make a request, drop a line here! It doesn't have to necessarily be from FF7, either. :-)

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Reply Kuba (Guest), 3rd Oct 2006

Oh man... you mentioned Vincent owning a "vampiric" gun. Prepare for a bombardment of "Vincent-is-not-a-vampire!".

As for the comic, I love it. Yuffie is really feeling like she should be in control and it is just killing her that Vince will not give in. The expressions are priceless.

As for incentives? Anything Nanaki is great in my opinion. I might like to see an incentive not only with Nanaki and Seto, but with Nanaki's mother as well and perhaps even Bugenhagen.

Reply warlife, 3rd Oct 2006

she is so a miranda

Reply cooledskin (Guest), 3rd Oct 2006

incentives! i'd like to see you do a fanart of your favourite online comic as an incentive - just out of curiousity.

Reply Akunen, 3rd Oct 2006

*stares at Vincent* Huh, wha? Oh, yeah. Yuffie is mean to Vincent. D=

I want to see Squall with a penguin. It's odd, but I think that as an incentive would rock.

Reply bluefish (Guest), 3rd Oct 2006

Pouty look! You cannot resist the pouty look, Vincent. You might as well give up now. :p

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 3rd Oct 2006

The way this page is done is just amazing. You have all those nonverbal communications and subtle expression changes so wonderfully worked in; I love it.

And I had no idea the Death Penalty got stronger by whacking more things. That's kind of dumb...but cool at the same time. It got some serious ups in DoC.

As for an incentive request, Cid! Cid! Cid! The last one you did of him was hilarious, but compositionally very good too. You really got the scruffiness of him; most people draw him too bishie. Cid, please!!! Pleeeeease! I'll draw something for you ~_^.

Reply saharasfury, 3rd Oct 2006

I like this page a lot you really did a good job getting the emotions and feelings across so far in this comic book. Keep up the good work!

Reply Darrin (Guest), 4th Oct 2006

still awesome since i started reading Im a long time reader, first time commenter, and I have to say that your drawings have gotten way better since i first started reading. Yuffie is such a childish pain sometimes, but i guess that's why i love the brat. And that row with Yuffie going from that "may I please have it" look to the "give me the gun or I KILL YOU" look, reminds me of how she acted in the game. For an incentive, i want to see the advent childrens Tifa (loves my sexy Tifa).

Reply Rose (Guest), 4th Oct 2006

Wee, nice expression in these panels. ^_^

Hm.. I find Tseng and Reno are good incentives.. as is Sephy

Reply Stormy (Guest), 4th Oct 2006

Very nice page! ^-^

As for incentives, maybe...Vincent and Yuffie playing a videogame together, and Vincent is winning by a mile? XD

Reply Naoko (Guest), 4th Oct 2006

incentives! As an incentive, Maybe Vincent getting really close to yuffies face! lke he's just looking deep into her eyes and yuffie freaking out blush red! ohh dang so many possibilities!

LOVE your comic! I have been reading since day 1 >:D

Reply doom Bubbles, 4th Oct 2006

heh i love her expression in the 3rd pannel

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 4th Oct 2006

. . . Gotta be the most awkard...and yet, hilarious scene by far ^__^

Reply Demetria Sena (Guest), 4th Oct 2006

Cool Looking I love your comic i try to catch it when it comes out. The artwork is awesome. So I just wanted to thank you for making a great comic. Oh as for an incentive i don't know maybe some of the crew from FF8? I don't see to many of them arround on the web as much as 7 and i think you would do an awesome job of them. Anyway just wanted to say "good job!" Oh and Vincent is looking great as well. I didn't like him all that much till i started to read your comic now i love him.

Reply Tishannia (Guest), 4th Oct 2006

Hey, this is coming along great! It's been a while since I last commented, I know (feel free to throw something sharp in my general direction or you know, at me) but I figured I'd stop being so mean so here I am...

Death Penalty is a... Er... nevermind.

I also started reading your newest story, FFX something I can't remember the name of. ^^; I'm going to review for all those chapters soon so... >.> Yeah

I wonder why I did decide to leave you a comment? I'm taking up all your valuable space!

I agree with someone on the incentives however... Cid! I know you want to. ;)

Anyways, great job and I'm still reading. <33

See you round and the like.


Reply Phantom-XI (Guest), 4th Oct 2006

request I have been reading aroudn here for a while and i love your art style i realy do I love the plot as well your also using my most beloved characters from FFVII so I just have to say id like to see a picture of Yuffie, Vincent, and Nanaki in battle stance ready to kill something. hopefully with there best weapons.
~Thanks for listening~

Reply Twin, 5th Oct 2006

Heh, fantastic as usual.

As for incentives, how about...Yuffie giving Barrett a ninja-wedgie.

Or just casting 'All Creation', whichever's easier.

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 5th Oct 2006

Wow great as usual. As for incentives i think Sephy has been used a little too much. Reno's always good for a laugh.
However i think a few more awkward moments between Yuffie and Vincent would work. It's funny watching Yuffie blush, yet it would be even funnier watching Vincent blush *giggles*

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 5th Oct 2006

Try This... During the funny moments, could you maybe draw the characters in chibi look? That would certainly add more comic relief -- Mad props 2 ya!!

Reply Reno's Stalker, 5th Jan 2007

*gasp* I heard the word Reno! 8runs around in circles* WHERE IS HE WHERE IS HE?!!
Reno: *hiding in the closet*

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