Chapter 4 - 179

5th Oct 2006

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Reply Enkida, 5th Oct 2006

Wibble wibble! First of all, thanks to everyone who put in an incentive request! Considering all what was suggested, I now have about 11 weeks worth of incentives in store for you guys. Very cool! I decided to combine next week's request for Tifa with another one of the requests for 'Advent Children' Tifa, so be sure to vote on Monday to see Tifa and her shiny, always-perfect hair. ;)

Both Memento Vivere and How Not To Date Blondes have been updated as well.

Whew, Growth is in the 40s at TWC now! Thanks so much guys, you all rock! :)

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Reply bread4311, 5th Oct 2006

Woo! friendship rocks doesn't it lol.

and it is 00:12 here in britian right now :O

i'm going to bed

Reply Akunen, 5th Oct 2006

Ah, nice page. I like how you drew the last panel especially.

I always tried to get hair like Tifa's... It only works if I work on it for half the day. xD Time for me to go vote, I'm sneaking on here as is. >>;;

Reply Crazy_Fox, 5th Oct 2006

I never completed Disk 3, for some reason......But if I had, I had cheat sites, so I would have gotten the Death Penalty. I wish I had, it sounds OSM. Kill off a couple low level creatures to charge it up, eh? XD At least, that would be my logic. It sounds like a good weapon, I wish you could use it in DoC, but NOOOOOOO, you have to use these crappy frames they suppliiiiiie.....No Death Penalty for me.... :( I don't even know where my old memory card is, so I can't play FF7 (original) anyways.

Reply warlife, 5th Oct 2006

could she just understasnd and shut up for once is wasome a word

Reply Crazy_Fox, 5th Oct 2006

Okay, anotherthing or two.
1. You are a great artist!
2. I think he iddn't hurt her feelings, she just fooled him. >:D People are evil like that.

Reply doom Bubbles, 6th Oct 2006

crocodile tears?

Reply Shadow_13, 6th Oct 2006

Hey Crazy_Fox... You haven't gotten to the last part of DOC, have you? There is an OUTRAGOUSLY FAN-FRICKIN-TASTIC re-vamped Death Penalty you get to use!!

And as ever, Enkida my dear… you are fabulous. I sent you a gift (albeit a somewhat wobbly and *cringe* not-so-brilliant end result unfortunately). Best I could do with really shaky and weak hands, I’m afraid. I will send you something else whenever I am fully recovered from everything!

Reply Crazy_Fox, 6th Oct 2006

Shad, I am at the part where they are invading deepground, I do believe. At the part where he misses his landing destination? Anyways, what would be really neat would be to get to use that bike of Cloud's. Is it just me, or did he call his bike "Fenrir?"

Reply Wakaiba (Guest), 6th Oct 2006

<3 Growth Hey, I've been a fan of Growth since the very beginning; my security blocks havn't let me comment on it, though! >_< Rar. Anyways, I really love the transition you've made to color, and for this page Yuffie's expression in the last pannel. Awesome work, thanks for keeping me entertained!

Reply Shadow_13, 6th Oct 2006

CF... I sent you a private message but I am not sure it went through, so yes - Clouds bike is named Fenrir (his old one was the Hardy Daytona).

Speaking of which.... now THAT would be a great incentive! Woo-woo! AFTER a Reno one, of course. :op

Reply Crazy_Fox, 6th Oct 2006

I do not think the PM went through.

I didn't know he named his bikes.....And wasn't the original one stolen? It seems to me he has his own bike no matter what game or movie you play.

Reply Crazy_Fox, 6th Oct 2006

–noun Scandinavian Mythology
a wolflike monster, a son of Loki and Angerboda, chained by Gleipnir but destined to be released at Ragnarok to eat Odin and to be killed by Vidar.

n : (Norse mythology) an enormous wolf that was fathered by Loki and that killed Odin


Reply Stormy (Guest), 7th Oct 2006

Oh Yuffie you manipulative thing. :P Great comic page! I love how Vincent is drawn looking all guilt-ridden. Poor guy, he's so socially naive. :P

Edit: I tried to post the word naive with the diaeresis on the i, but it came out as a ï . -.-

Reply andy (Guest), 7th Oct 2006

Diaeresis Stormy: in ISO-8859-1 ("Western") encoding, it looks fine. But it's not valid in Unicode. Hmm, this may be a bug in Smack Jeeves; the comment page encoding is UTF-8, but the post page encoding is Western.

Enkida: I'd tell you how amazing your artwork is, but words fail. So I simply say: good job.

Reply Neph (Guest), 7th Oct 2006

CROCODILE TEARS!! Woah... who knew Vincent would be the gullible, taken-advantage-of-by-a-few-well-timed-tears type? *snickers* I loved that part! Especially seeing Vincent sweat. >=]
Your art just keeps getting better and better.... I am sooo jealous I can hardly breathe. Y__Y

Anyway.... for an incentive, you might draw Jenova... or Elena. ^__^ Or some good ol' Aeris\Cloud\Tifa triangle angst. Or just Aeris and Cloud.... or Cloud being all mopey and gloomy about Aeris....
Or Marlene and Denzel! Just together, playing or whatnot.... Or a chibi shot of the WHOLE GANG!!! Although that might be a lot of work... or not, I don't know. Ahh, the many more suggestions brewing in my brain... But I guess these will have to do. ^__^;;

Reply tyasha demon (Guest), 7th Oct 2006

awwwwww i absolutly love this story/comic, 'cause vinny and yuffie are my all time favourite characters!
Does anyone know when Dirge of Cerberus comes to Australia?
I wanna play!!!!!!!

Reply bluefish (Guest), 7th Oct 2006

I posted a review of your fanfic Memento Vivere, if ya wanna read it.

Reply Crazy_Fox, 8th Oct 2006

You deserve it.

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 8th Oct 2006

WOW!!! This is my favourite page so far. Showing cuteness without it being over the top. Vincent's starting to feel a bit more compassion towards his friends, and is starting to show it slowly. You are doing brilliantly at keeping them in character, keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next one.
P.S. wasn't feeling to happy today but this page has cheered me up. Thanks ;)

Reply KC (Guest), 2nd Jul 2007

AH HA see i knew it. is that the right side the metal arm is sposed to be on or is it the one a couple pages back. either way this comic rocks

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