Chapter 4 - 180

8th Oct 2006

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Reply Enkida, 8th Oct 2006

ugh Long weekend, unexpected party, page will be coloured when Enkida has recovered... x__X

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Reply Enkida, 9th Oct 2006

Softie! Phew. Page is coloured now, obviously. Thanks for being patient. ;-) I made the colour backgrounds purposefully bright this time. I imagine Vincent's always lived in a world of greys, and Yuffie's frenetic mood swings would confuse him. Hope it worked. ;-) The "gifts given / received" galleries have been updated for an art exhange project I took part in. Also the incentive gallery was updated as per normal.

User's Comments:

Reply Crazy_Fox, 8th Oct 2006

Yuffie is up to her old tricks, isn't she?

I suspect her of doing something.

Can't wait for the next comic!

Reply Tyasha demon (Guest), 8th Oct 2006


Reply andy (Guest), 8th Oct 2006

Watch out for those parties; they can strike without warning.

Reply Gining (Guest), 8th Oct 2006

Yeah, first comment, but I thought I better since I've been reading it for so long. I love it. And their faces in the first and third are simply wonderful. You really brought out Vincen't annoyence at her.

Reply Rose (Guest), 9th Oct 2006

LOL I just love Vinnie's range of emotions in this page, especially the third panel.

Reply Akunen, 9th Oct 2006

How did I know she'd do that? xD

Ooh. Pretty incentive. Really nice job on it.

I like how you drew Vincent's face in the middle panel.

Reply bread4311, 9th Oct 2006

Yuffie's face does indeed look cute in the top image lol

Reply andy (Guest), 9th Oct 2006


Reply Neph (Guest), 9th Oct 2006

Ahahaha! The expression in the second panel is PRICELESS. As well as Yuffie going all, "Aww!" Plus, the colors do indeed work.
Love the incentive too... (just noticed it)
Kidding... kiiiiding.... ^__^;;

Reply Shadow_13, 9th Oct 2006

I personally love the last panel. ...And your incentive makes my half-arsed drawing of Reno look like a childs doodle! *sigh* (I am blaming it on the meds and pain though - I will get it right in time! *wink*)

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 9th Oct 2006

I am mildly disturbed by the way Yuffie is cuddling the Death Penalty, but it's just so funny and cute... Nice stuff! And I like the bright backgrounds, it makes Vincent look sort of out of place with his gloominess. :D Good job, meng.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 25th Oct 2006

Good old Yuffie always using her tricks ^^

Reply Silverblood87401 (Guest), 20th Jul 2007

Vincent looks like a person I know in the last panel, hehe.

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