Chapter 4 - 181

10th Oct 2006

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Reply Enkida, 10th Oct 2006

Materia Setup Eunice P did a wonderful picture of Vasilli from "Nescience" as part of the art exchange project I took part in. You can take a look at it in the 'Gifts Received' gallery if you're interested.

As always, if anyone wants to send in fanart, feel free. I love seeing other peoples' artwork, so don't be shy! :-)

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Reply Akunen, 10th Oct 2006

xD I still love the way you draw the materia. It just looks so much better than when people draw simple circles and shade them in. Lovely page.

Reply andy (Guest), 11th Oct 2006

Yuffie looks almost... afraid.

Reply Shadow_13, 11th Oct 2006

Hey Enkida, I DID send you a drawing as a gift but I never got any response from you! It took a lot for me to send it as well considering I am a bit of a perfectionist and my health ordeal has left me not only a bit loopy but physically shaky... but I wanted to show my appreciation for all you have given your fans, especially me.

I take it you either didn’t receive it or didn’t like it.

I will send you something else when I get stronger and can focus more (er… or at all).

Reply Lakelis (Guest), 11th Oct 2006

Good job so far! Haha, i've been reading Growth for a while now, and it's good! I should probably work on my backgrounds...darn.

Reply Azukie (Guest), 12th Oct 2006

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I want moreee :O

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