Chapter 4 - 182

12th Oct 2006

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Reply Enkida, 12th Oct 2006

Whoopsie, again. Running behind schedule seems to be the norm rather than the exception these days... ^^; Page will be coloured by later today.

There's a veritable plethora of new submitted fanart, gift exchanges, commissions and of course old incentives in the various galleries, so go check the gallery link and take your time browsing! Lots of yummy stuff to see, and a big shout-out all those folks who contributed. I really appreciate it, thank you all so much! If I haven't mailed you back about your artwork yet, please be patient... I just ran out of time today. ;-) AND! If you sent in an artwork or an email and I never answered you, chances are my spam filter caught it and ate it... so please leave a comment if that's the case, and I will get in touch.

For next week's incentive I combined the request for Reno with Tseng, so it's gonna be a Turk Week. Please remember to go vote! :-)

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Reply Enkida, 13th Oct 2006


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Reply Neph (Guest), 12th Oct 2006

Oh... ohhh! The angst, the angst!!
Nah... angst is good. Go angst! Go character depth!
And go Tseng and Reno!! Hee hee. ^__^

Reply Shadow_13, 12th Oct 2006

I can't wait to see this colored! I just got finished reading a fantastic fanfic with Vincent and Yuffie, and just like your work, it left me feeling SO tremendously sad when it was finished I HAD to get a FFVII fix to ease the pain. This page came out JUST in time... Literally.

You know... it is amazing (and perhaps a bit pathetic in my case) what we pull happiness from when the rest of our lives are falling apart. Funny how just a bit of beloved fantasy or cherished characters can be a beacon of light in the darkness. ...Or is it just me?

Reply Akunen, 12th Oct 2006

xD My truly pathetic colouring skills show!

Last panel looks cool. Excellent page again. And, yay for Reno! <3

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 12th Oct 2006

I am seriously looking forward to the rest of Yuffie's equipment and materia analysis. I love it when people put serious thought into their fanworks; it makes everything so much better!

Reply SC (Guest), 13th Oct 2006

Another excellent page :) For some reason, I like it better uncolored. I guess I'm just into the black and white manga-style stuff.

Reply Stormy (Guest), 13th Oct 2006

I know what you mean, Shadow - fantasy is a form of escapism, so it's not pathetic to use it to that cause. :)

Great page Enkida - I love how Vincent is drawn in the last panel, and the other characters surrounding him. It shows Vincent's aloofness perfectly. :)

(Hmm...looks like Yuffie's more than just a pretty face...^_~)

Reply andy (Guest), 13th Oct 2006

If you don't look closely, Barret looks a bit like a mountain, which is appropriate if unintentional. AVALANCHE!

I really like how everyone looks so genuinely concerned for Vincent; no matter how rude he is, they all still care for him. Even the remote-controlled robot cat is reaching out to him.

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 13th Oct 2006


Reply Shadow_13, 13th Oct 2006

Brilliant as ever, my dear! You know what my favorite part is? (Aside from seeing "the gang" in the last panel in the very poignant symbolism, blah blah blah...) ...Vincent’s cape in the 4th panel!! I adore the shading on it to bits!! (Especially against Vinny's stark black hair!!) Woo-woo!!!

Reply Rose (Guest), 14th Oct 2006

Interesting reading there, Yuff .. *steals Vincent away for herself* muwahah~!

Reply Alex da Mero/ (lol) yuffie (nick (Guest), 15th Oct 2006

wowies ^^ ive been a reader for a while and love the work and yes i demand the Yuffcent-ness ^~

i especially love the last pannel here cloud looks like ac and 7 good job, and well... i likeie a heck of a lot about the comic ^^

well ive gotta go - im late to be shipped of back to my mother XX

but if there are any ff fans or people who like rps, dont be afraid to check out

im alex on the forum and Yuffie is up for grabs ^^ (alongside Cloud, Barret, Nanaki, Aeris, Cid, Reeve and even the almighty Sephy)

sorry if ive made this seem like an ad but im not registered on smackjeeves and if you want to contact me im there ^^ also... you can start up a thread linkng to the comic and gain new fans

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 25th Oct 2006

.....*stares*...I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYOMER! *steal's Vinny* Come here Vinny-poo! <3 *hugs*

Reply Tifzebxo (Guest), 29th Sep 2008

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