Chapter 4 - 184

17th Oct 2006

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Reply Enkida, 17th Oct 2006

Umm... Well, you guys get to see what a colour page looks like before it gets painted now. I think that makes all states of the comic shown at one point or the other, from raw sketch to inked to penciled to painted. Not so hard to do after all, see? The page will be finished sometime later today. ^^;

Oh.. gifts given gallery updated, Memento Vivere updated, How Not to Date Blondes was also updated a few days ago. :-)

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Reply Enkida, 18th Oct 2006

Defender Whew, coloured! Honestly speaking, I don't know how a wimpy little bracelet is supposed to protect, either, so let's just call it magic. ;-)

There's two new beautiful pieces of Yuffie giftart from Maria Burnham in the gift gallery, so go check 'em out if you have the time!

User's Comments:

Reply Akunen, 17th Oct 2006

Ooh, it looks really good before painted. I like how Yuffie knows what's going on with Vincent just like *snap!* Hehe.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 17th Oct 2006

Oh! Oh! She said it! She said the "L" word! ::jumps behind Vincent's stunted wall of defense against OVEREMOTIONAL SCIENTIST BEAUTIES and hunkers down for the blowup--while eating popcorn::


Ahh, so you work in watercolor pencil! I always thought you painted straight on. This is nice! We get to see how you work. And the anticipated even texture and smoothness of the finished product is remarkable.

Reply andy (Guest), 18th Oct 2006

I never understood how a bracelet could provide any meaningful defense.

Reply bluefish (Guest), 18th Oct 2006

It IS interesting to see how the comic is made.

Reply Rose (Guest), 18th Oct 2006

Beautiful artwork as always.. Yuffie really is smarter than she looks lately XD

Reply Frostwind, 18th Oct 2006

This rocks! This comic just rocks! I love it!

Reply Maria Burnham (Guest), 18th Oct 2006

Awesome Awesome page as always! I like Vincent's face in the third panel. It looks like he's getting angry. I can't wait for the next page. I see a Vincent explosion coming on with the mention of Lucretia! Hmmm, we'll just have to see....

Watercolor pencil...., I've never heard of that. I'll have to try it :)

Reply Xi3 (Guest), 18th Oct 2006

I beg to differ. The Zeidrich has the second highest magic defense in the game at 98. The only thing better is the Fourth Brace. The Magic Evade is pretty low though.

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 19th Oct 2006

Uh-Oh Yuffie i think even mentioning the name Lucretia is gonna get him mad. I foresee Yuffie and Vincent falling out for a while, then i'm guessing Vincent's going to give in and tell Yuffie he's sorry. Well that's just what i'm guessing anyway. Yuffie does look really nervous in that last panel, good job. Please Vinnie don't get mad, we all know she really likes you SO DON'T RUIN IT!!! Bless Vincent, for a grown-up he can be real dumb sometimes. Awesome artwork as usual. *thumbs up*

Reply Shadow_13, 19th Oct 2006

FYI I'm really surprised at how many people still don't realize that this comic is being done from an already completed story by Enkida! IF anyone doesn't want to wait possibly years for it to be completed in its comic form (for it is very long)... You can read it in its completed form (along with the sequel story) as well as her other fabulous stories on

That was just an FYI to all the newbies who possibly didn’t know. Don’t read the story if you are patient and can wait. I personally find it interesting waiting to see what gets included in the comic and “seeing” it from someone else’s mind’s eye… but it would drive me bonkers to not have read the whole story in detail! I am a greedy greedy FFVII glutton and I simply can’t restrain MY needs for more! :o)x)

Having said that, of course, if anyone does read the story that hasn’t… please don’t spill any of it to those who wish to read it here or I shall have to sick my trusty steed TaunTaun to breathe on you! Trust me… you DON’T want that to happen! Tauntaun’s smell is only outweighed by their horrid breath.

Reply Enkida, 20th Oct 2006

I apologize for the delay. "Friday's" page will be going up either later today or over the weekend. Stay tuned! ;-)

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 20th Oct 2006

While it's nice of you to inform everyone about the "Growth" fanfic and of Enkida's other fantastic writing, I'd like to point out that she also says that the doujinshi also deviates significantly from the fanfic, so in essence they are two different stories. I'm not sure how closely they are related or unrelated, but reading the fanfic would probably only give you a vague idea of what is about to happen.

I'm glad. It's more fun that way.

Reply Shadow_13, 20th Oct 2006

to k-m Well as far as the comic following the story goes, I will leave that up to those who have actually read it thus far to debate if it is analogous or not. So far, to me, it is... just not as detailed. Again, I only meant to inform the dear peeps who want more, and perhhhaaappppssss alleviate some of the pressure from our dear author from pushing herself to feed the need of her fans. Or something like that. :o)x)

Reply Enkida (unlogged) (Guest), 20th Oct 2006

Ahaha, I am acutally just dying under the weight of the writing projects, not the comic. ^^; If I was only doing comic, I could probably update this thing 5x a week!

Anyway fanfic and comic are pretty closely parallel right now, just different method of telling the story, visual versus using words, you have to use different adjectives when they're pictures. Major story differences won't start to occur until they hit up the Northern Crater, because in retrospect I think I glossed over that part, and Nanaki's role in it way too quickly.


Reply andy (Guest), 20th Oct 2006

Pardon? "Nanaki's role in it way too quickly." I don't understand.

Reply Guest, 21st Oct 2006

I feel I didn't give Nanaki enough character development in the written story. Also I think I didn't utilize our lovable angstball Vincent quite enough in the crater, either.

Reply Shadow_13, 21st Oct 2006

Andy - She glossed over the Northern Crater part of the story (of which this Comic hasn't reached yet) and Nanaki's roll in that part of the story (remembering that she is talking about the already completed fanfic story this comic is from). Clear now? Sheesh! This pages thread is a novel in it's self! :op I blame candy corn. No reason... I just do. :o)x)

...and I assume the guest above is you, E! I must have posted this at the same time you did! Good timing! Hope I didn't step on your toes any!

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