Chapter 4 - 185

22nd Oct 2006

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Reply Enkida, 21st Oct 2006

Black and White Eh, well, I figured I should get up what I have rather than make you guys wait with a cliffhanger over the weekend. Next week's incentive is Nanaki with his family, so be sure to go vote! The gift gallery should have yet another wonderful piece of fanart from Akunen, and this page will be coloured sometime before Monday.

Also, Eunice P did another KICK-ASS artwork for Nescience, so go check it out, take a napkin to catch the drool.

For the bracelet - it's been a while since I played the game. I do remember that the Ziedrich is weaker in its magic stats than a lot of other armour you can get. It is, though, one bad-ass physical attack blocker. The details are not so exceedingly important for this story, though. Glad to know there are other game "nerds" enjoying that aspect of it however!

As for the conversation over the comic versus the fanfic, fire away. I never mind a little debate on the topic and sometimes it even helps me shape up my story plots and dialogues. So feel free to speculate here. :-)

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Reply Enkida, 22nd Oct 2006

Coloured Thanks for all the lovely comments. And thanks for catching the spelling error in the page title, hehe. ;-)

User's Comments:

Reply Kirosta (Guest), 21st Oct 2006

I love your work! Vincent is so well done, and I LOVE the way kept her so.. well.. CLUELESS :P I loved it.

Reply Akunen, 21st Oct 2006

Eek, poor Vincent is all riled up now. D= Yuffie always knows how to make people mad. xD

Reply Hiratsu (Guest), 21st Oct 2006

Awesome page, I love the expressions.

Reply Neph (Guest), 21st Oct 2006

Awwww.... poor Vincent AND poor Yuffie. She probably didn't help her case much going all, "that Lucretia chick", either.
And Vincent using her last name... with that oh-so-poisonous glare... talk about distancing. Ouch.

Bummer. Now they're probably going to be biting each other's heads off all day.... and Nanaki's going to have to put up with them. :P

So... all in all, great page. ^___^ For some reason, I love Vincent's eyes in the third panel.... they're just... very well done and glare-y and shiny and... noticeable. ^__^;;

Reply Gining (Guest), 21st Oct 2006

Aww, I love Yuffie in the first panel. She looks so sad for him.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 21st Oct 2006

For some reason, it makes me so giggly whenever Vincent gets Lucretia-related anger. It's not a joyful giggle. It's sort of like when a puppy runs full tilt into a glass door because it's not aware of something clear and solid being there. I'm not sure "schadenfreude" is the right word, but I'll settle for it for now.

Yay Yuffie, not backing down at the first sight of rage. Gusty she is.

Reply Stormy (Guest), 21st Oct 2006

Woohoo, pre-coloured line art! :P It looks so different without the colour. But in a good way! :)

Oh, and as soon as I saw Yuffie in the 4th panel, I thought she had cat ears. :P Hmm...maybe that would make a good incentive? ;)

PS. Huh? Chatper 4? What's a chatper? :P

Reply Wise_Idiot (Guest), 21st Oct 2006

Uh oh, things are getting a little ugly. I'm smart enough to know not to mention Lucrecia around Vincent, and doing so is dangerous o_o. I hope this doesn't damage things between them...too much.

Reply Helen (Guest), 22nd Oct 2006

I don't know which one I should get made at!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 22nd Oct 2006



Reply gravy (Guest), 22nd Oct 2006

niiicccee Very awesome third panel!!
I've been reading this comic since about halfway between chapter one and for whatever reason, your third panel on this page inspired me to comment.
Keep up the very good work

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 22nd Oct 2006

What the?! Ya sure placed the colored version from the beta very quickly ;)

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 22nd Oct 2006

Poor Yuffie and Vincent I feel sorry for Vincent because he lost Lucrecia (he really needs to get over her, Yuffie help him out here!) And i feel sorry for Yuffie because she just says the wrong things at the wrong time. She's right though, he's just gonna end up cutting himself off from the rest of the world again. Go Yuffie,stand up to his anger! She does look quite worried in that last panel though. I'm sure Red will sort all this out though, he is the voice of reason between the three. Your artwork keeps getting better each time i see it, good job.

Reply Shadow_13, 22nd Oct 2006

warm fuzzies Love the incentive for this week! Too precious!

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 25th Oct 2006

Oh no! Yuffie you shouldn't say any word about Lucrecia. Cool work. ^^

Reply Hojo (Guest), 7th Nov 2007

YES ! Vin's eyes do it for me!

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