Chapter 4 - 186

22nd Oct 2006

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Reply Enkida, 22nd Oct 2006

No Buts! Ha! This page is ON TIME! *Does a dance* Hats off to Michael Schumacher for ending his F-1 racing career with a bang - he managed to recover from 19th (last) place to 4th after his tire blew out. Maybe he didn't win, but DAMN. Respect! You guys can thank him for this page, because I was glued to my seat by the radio drawing while listening to that race. :-)

Ah, 184 got coloured so hit that back button if you haven't seen it yet. This week's incentive is lil' Nanaki and company, so go vote if you want a dose of baby-beast-cuteness. ;-) And, for those who follow the fiction, a new chapter of Memento Vivere has been posted.

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Reply Enkida, 23rd Oct 2006

Misc. art errata There's a new cover on the site, and the 'other' gallery has been updated.

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Reply andy (Guest), 22nd Oct 2006

WHOA In the first panel, it looks like Vincent is 3/4ths of the way to Chaos!

...i'm scared...

And Yuffie! Chagrin, shame, terror, embarrassment, the realization that if she doesn't knock it off she's going to be devoured by her friend's alter ego... I've been there; I know the feeling. 8^O

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 22nd Oct 2006

Ho ho ho ho! I love Vincent's demon eyes, and Yuffie's expression is just wonderful. This is just a great page.

Reply Kuba (Guest), 22nd Oct 2006

That incentive is just brilliant! Wow.

Reply Shadow_13, 22nd Oct 2006

OMG!!! E! YOU'RE AN F1 SHUMI FAN?!?!?!!!!???!!!! Cool beans!!! Me too! (Thanks to my hubby) I was glued to the TV for the race and ended up getting all girly and emotional. Blows my mind that you mentioned it here! Ah.... oh the joy when two or more things you love in life come together!! :o)x) Sometimes it's the simple things that bring smiles, isn't it?

Well done Michael on a career that will inspire and teach.... and a legend that will live forever (Much like our beloved Vincent...) Today for me, Vincent IS my Michael (or vice versa).

*Shadow bows*

Reply bluefish (Guest), 23rd Oct 2006

Well, at least he knows how to shut her up :D

Reply Rose (Guest), 23rd Oct 2006

Oh Chaos lurks close to the surface.. becareful Yuffie~ *snickers*

*awwwwwwwww's at incentive pic*

Reply Akunen, 23rd Oct 2006

Woah! Vincent scares me in that first panel, even if he still looks cool. Yuffie sounds all psychic and stuff, just interpreting this from the bracelet. Nice page. :3

Reply Akunen, 23rd Oct 2006

Oh, and the incentive reminds me of "The Lion King". Adorable.

Reply Lionheart (Guest), 23rd Oct 2006

I absolutely LOVE the first panel. I wish I could comment on the F1 racing, but I'm not a huge fan....
The incentive is very well drawn. Me likes! :D

Reply Kuba (Guest), 23rd Oct 2006

...and the new front page image is great as well!

Reply Shadow_13, 23rd Oct 2006

Front Page???!! Good grief! I didn't even realize the home page changed! Silly me! Thanks for giving me the heads up on that Kuba! I can be SO peroxide sometimes!

Reply Neph (Guest), 23rd Oct 2006

Awwesoome!! Vincent looks so cool in the first panel! ^O^ And Yuffie's expressions on this page are priceless... The second one is all, "I try to help you and THIS is the thanks I get, you psychotic recluse?"

Good job on the new front page! The art is spiffy. ^___^ Which is to be expected, of course. And the incentive is so sweet... I love it. ^___^

Reply Xi3 (Guest), 23rd Oct 2006

Red eyes kick ass! Me thinks that Chaos might be making an appearance in teh near future?? Look out Yuffie :o

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 23rd Oct 2006



Reply Fate (Guest), 24th Oct 2006

Hmm Well i'd like to say, Im a big ff fan, and seven was the greatest plotline, and this aftermath story you've created is really an interesting possibility. Awesome idea and I really like your style of art, it's fluid and changing at the same time. Wonder what your monster designs will be like. Capture the ferocity of battle!!!

Reply Enkida, 24th Oct 2006

Page 187 will be slightly delayed, I do plan on getting it up later today.

Reply Shadow_13, 24th Oct 2006

ARRGH!!!!!!! Ok... call me cranky but I am finding it very annoying when people place TONS of empty space in their posts here. I keep missing comments and often get frustrated when I can't find MY comments, only to discover that I have to scroll wayyyyyy down to find it through a huge blank space! PLEASE stop doing that. It isn't necessary.

Reply Akunen, 24th Oct 2006

Sorry, but I have to agree with Shadow.

Reply Lucca (Guest), 24th Oct 2006

Sweet! Man, mad Vincent is scary... and hot at the same time :D. That panel was so awesome I made a signature out of it for the forum I frequent... But don't worry, I put at the bottom of it ^_^

And great new chappie in Memento Vivere, btw ^_^

Reply Shadow_13, 25th Oct 2006

Hey Enkida! I sent you another Reno picty-in-progress! ...With his hair down (as promised)! *drool*

Hope you like it! It took me a bloody long time to get the sketch to look just right before I start painting it in. I am SUCH a perfectionist. Grrrrrrrrr.

Of course it doesn't help that I am sending it to someone who is fantastic with art... makes me feel so self-conscious, scared, and well....bad. I am trying to get over that though. The more I get back into drawing and the like the better I will get I hope.

You are an inspiration.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 25th Oct 2006

Wooooooo......Vincent is soo cool when he's going demonic. ^^

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