Chapter 4 - 187

26th Oct 2006

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Reply Enkida, 26th Oct 2006

Whew! Sorry about the lateness of this page. Shadow_13 just created yet another piece of blisteringly hot Reno juciness, so please go check out the gift gallery to oogle at him!

I've been cleaning up the gallery section; unfortunately, images don't appear to order themselves alphabetically so I'm afraid finding the most recent incentive image is still going to be a challenge to the curious. However, I cleaned out the 'other' gallery and updated it; you can now find Yuffie's new winter costume design in there.

Also, if you contribute fanart, please write, sign or otherwise indicate your name on submissions, since I can't label them easily myself. Give yourself credit for your hard work! :-)

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User's Comments:

Reply doom Bubbles, 26th Oct 2006

that's one awsome gun

Reply Shadow_13, 26th Oct 2006

I personally love the (what I assume are) chocobo heads swirling around Yuffie's head in the second panel. Nearly made me pee when I realized they were there!

Well... it was that or your comment about the "blisteringly hot Reno juciness". *blush* It's not that good but I can't help it. Wanted to see him with his hair out of the tail for a change of drool direction. :o)x)

Oh... and the "finished" Reno picture may take a while as I have to go raid my piggy bank to scrape up enough to buy some new watercolor pencils. Most of mine are not the colors I really want - and I still cant find my bloody white!!

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 26th Oct 2006

Super Cool! ^^

Reply Akunen, 26th Oct 2006

I love Vinny's gun. Specially in DoC. xD

Love the background on the second panel. Vincent's all doom and gloom. Hehe.

Nice art, Shadow! ^^

Reply Neph (Guest), 26th Oct 2006

*swoons over Vincent's expression* SO to die for. :3

I love all the little things around their heads in the second panel. Vincent's all angsty (as usual), and Yuffie looks like she's going "Aaauugh!!" in her head. You can tell she's gonna try hard to make up for getting under Vincent's skin like that. And the gun really does look awesome!

Reply Stormy (Guest), 27th Oct 2006

Uwaa... look at Vincey's face! Isn't he just adorable? <3

Reply Omega Weapon (Guest), 6th Oct 2008

Death penalty It's the most badass gun of all time and it's lucrecia's last gift to vincent

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