Chapter 4 - 189

29th Oct 2006

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Reply Enkida, 29th Oct 2006

Revelations can be like a kick in the teeth sometimes Thank you all for the wonderful comments on the last comic. As a heads up, this week's updates will be happening normally (M-W-F), but starting next week the comic will be updating on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS. It's only for a month, so hang in there!

The incentive this week is Squall with a penguin, so please go vote! The incentive gallery has also been updated.

If the image looks a little different today, it's because I tried out some (real) watercolours that I inherited from my aunt. Tip: Real watercolours are HARDER than watercolour pencils. You can always "erase" mistakes with watercolour pencils by using a little extra water on your brush to push the colour around when you paint it. Real watercolours don't take real friendly to that sort of treatment. ^^; Despite that I think it came out okay in the end. Thanks for reading!

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Reply Neph (Guest), 29th Oct 2006

A kick in the teeth is right. Poor Vincent, he looks really.... upset, dismayed, devastated, sad, troubled, wounded, distraught... what's the word I'm looking for...?

The expressions are great. And I think the "real" watercolours work; things seem a bit brighter and clearer now, but the fourth panel with Vincent, the upper right hand corner looks a bit wonky. Then again, you just switched over, too, so maybe it's to be expected... If they're too much trouble and you revert back to watercolour pencils, then it doesn't really matter, as they weren't exactly horrible to begin with. Either way is fine. ^___^

Oh, and I LOVE the incentive! A chibi/big-head Squall with a penguin with attitude (that's what it looks like, at least, since I'm not familiar with that penguin). Anyway, it's awesome. ^___^

Reply Shadow_13, 29th Oct 2006

I actually prefer the pencils... Watercolor paint makes it look a bit weak and flat. The personalities of our beloved FFVII characters deserve SO much more, IMHO. :op

And a personal message to Enkida - Thank you for all your wonderful advice. Looks like I might have to do another Reno re-do. I will let you know soon.

Reply Akunen ((signed out)) (Guest), 29th Oct 2006

I think the page looks really nice. The colours seem to be more vibrant, and it has that tone that just makes it look really good.

EEP! I LOVE the incentive. Adorable! <333

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 30th Oct 2006

I like the real watercolors. The colors are incredibly vivid, and I don't see the paper texture as much as much as I did on the other pages. Keep using them.

And the analysis continues! Woot.

Reply Shadow_13, 30th Oct 2006

I must have a wonky screen or something! The colors look more vivid???!?!?! I MUST be old as dirt then because they look more pastel-like and old time cartoony to my little peeps! The WC pencil is MUCH more vivid and gives greater definition and hues... and the color isn't as - well... watery! Call me crazy but I can't see the "vivid" color compared to the normal medium Enkida uses. Then again… I have been staring at Renos blindingly bright mop of hair on my watercolor doodle… bright overkill, methinks.

Reply Stormy (Guest), 30th Oct 2006

Wow! This new style of colouring really suits the skin tones, especially on Yuffie's face. Not too sure about Vince's hair, but it all still looks good together. :)

Oh, and love that incentive! It's adorable! ^-^

Reply Zed Di Dragon, 30th Oct 2006

You know, Vincent's equipped the same way I used to equip him. That's pretty creepy.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 30th Oct 2006

Cool colors! ^^ YUFFIE YOU MEANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >(

Reply andy (Guest), 30th Oct 2006

I dare Yuffie to call him ugly.


Reply Akunen, 30th Oct 2006

So do I!

Reply Xi3 (Guest), 30th Oct 2006

Tears to insults? Accidental ones at that? It's almost like they're dating or something... *Evil grin* Heh heh heh heh... Ohh the plotlines that could come of that... ;>

Reply Sirius123 (Guest), 30th Oct 2006

Wow! Ohh... Ouch. smack him in the face, why don't ya, Yuffie?

Anyways! I've followed this comic for a while and finally worked up my nerve to comment! Yay!

I really like the coloring. It seems more real.... Real? Bleah. I'll have to expand on my vocab.

Reply KoShiatar (Guest), 30th Oct 2006

The line art is a little bit more crisp and clear today. It's a nice effect aganist the watercolors.

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