Chapter 4 - 190

31st Oct 2006

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Reply Enkida, 30th Oct 2006

Yes, it's Vincent Uh oh, looks like Yuffie just got bit in the butt by the infatuation bug. Run, Vincent, run! :-)

... and, I think that answers the question of whether or not she's going to call him "ugly" anytime soon. ;-)

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User's Comments:

Reply Shadow_13, 31st Oct 2006

It's so flirty even I blushed!!

Then I kind of got possessive and was really perturbed! Grrrrrrrrr. Nothing ruins a fantasy more than when the one you are fantasizing about hooks up with someone else!!

Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Now even the fantasy good guys are all being taken!! *sob*

Reply Lionheart (Guest), 31st Oct 2006

I like how Yuffie's thoughts are getting a mind of their own.

Shadow: Tell you what, if you can take care of Vincent I'll take care of Yuffie. Deal? :D

Reply Crazy_Fox, 31st Oct 2006

Ugg....fanpeople.....hate when they start getting crushes on fictiobnal characters..... GET A LIFE, SHADOW AND LION!

Reply Neph (Guest), 31st Oct 2006

Just got home from trick-or-treating... everyone lurved my costume... :3 Got yummy candy...
And I find that now things are getting interesting (not that they weren't before)! ~__^

*is a fanperson and too far gone to listen to Fox's "advice"* :P

Reply Akunen, 31st Oct 2006

xD That last panel absolutely rocks. That's like, my fantasy. Get your own, Yuffie! xDD

*obsessive fangirl who cannot listen to outside convincing*

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 31st Oct 2006

PFFT! HAHAHAHA! Ow, I just snorted soda up my nose. Very nice frame there, Enkida. Excellent work.

Reply Guest, 31st Oct 2006

I have to say, I think Vincent's eyes in the top panel are my absolute favorite part of this page...the whole thing is so well done, as per usual...but those eyes somehow get me...

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 31st Oct 2006

Exelent page!!!!!!!!! :D Yuffie don't steal Vincent! XD

Reply andy (Guest), 1st Nov 2006

Don't make me bring out the cradle/grave robber joke again.

Reply Shadow_13, 1st Nov 2006

Lionheart~ DEAL! I will even share with Neph, Akunen, and Kirlaskia if they help me plot (not that my wicked mind needs it) as long as I get first dibs on tall dark and totally yummy!! (Dang! I am too nice)


And Crazy_Fox ~ FYI... I HAVE a life. I like my fantasy one better. IT at least keeps me happy and sane. *Pluuuuuuuuuubbbbbbtttttttttt* (Shadow throws a raspberry in CF's general direction...she hopes)

Reply Ancestral Spirit (Guest), 1st Nov 2006

Lovin the schocked look on Yuffie's face i that last panel. But i think my favourite panel is the 3rd one, i can just see a hint of a smile on Vinnie's face, or maybe that's Yuffies imagination again...Nah it's Vincent. Tee hee like the little hearts in the last one.

Reply Kuba (Guest), 1st Nov 2006

Now is the time where Nanaki enters the room and says something to break the tension and everyone laughs and it gets really awkward.

I love this comic.

Reply Akunen, 1st Nov 2006

I don't mind sharing! :D Sharing is caring.

Reply Crazy_Fox, 1st Nov 2006

*is dodging random fruits and vegetables iuncluding tomatos, apples, and celeri that are being thrown at him by the audience* So you don't like my comments, eh? Don't make me break out the Electro-Flare! (that's my ultimate attack) Or the Plasma Slasher! (OTHER ultimate attack) *gets hit with a watermelon* Hey, who threw that?

Reply Ciarda (Guest), 1st Nov 2006

O_O I just literally droled on my desk...

Reply Shadow_13, 1st Nov 2006

Don't look at me, CF... I was trying to lift a Volkswagen to toss at you. :op

...Just kidding. (Can't get that aerodynamic control with a Bug!) :o)x)

Reply Amarou, 2nd Nov 2006

*falls over laughing* OMG! XD

OH! I need a think 2 more stamps and then you should be expecting your letter from me ^_____^;;

Reply Neph (Guest), 2nd Nov 2006

*whistles innocently as she cleans the remains of fruit from her homemade trebuchet*


OMG, I keep coming back to this page! It cracks me up! I love it! X3 Vincent is sooo cute when he smiles.

*puts in headphones and looks pointedly at the sky*

Oh, and thanks for replying, Enkida. It made my day. ^___^

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 6th Dec 2006

Mrrmphh!! Hilarious to no end...

Reply Silverblood87401 (Guest), 20th Jul 2007

I can totally understand Yuffie's feelings towards Vincent. *blushes* hehe

Reply Luna (Guest), 19th Aug 2007

Yay! Mental images!! I love her inner theatre! He looks like... *not going to finish the sentance due to giggles*

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