Chapter 8 - 399

11th Dec 2009

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Reply Enkida, 5th Jan 2010

Page 042 coloured!

Click that link! Andy did a mind-blowing job of colouring an earlier BW page, 42 - so if you want to see the Death Penalty in its full glory, take a look! Thank you, Andy. :D

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Reply KoShiatar, 12th Dec 2009

How come you decided to put the comic back up here?

Reply Guest, 12th Dec 2009

Did a little digging on Platinum Studios (owners of the DD website) and it looks like they might just financially explode and go belly-up with no warning whatsoever. It's sort of like security-mirroring to make sure readers don't lose access if that happens.

Reply silent_chaos (Guest), 13th Dec 2009

are you going to warn anyone else?

Reply Guest, 13th Dec 2009

I already did on the (new) SJ forums, actually. but I don't bother going into DD and telling people on their own server "hey, I think your business practices are pretty crappy, everyone vacate the premises!" that's kind of rude and it's not the people who physically run DD's fault - plat studios is the mother company and an actual comic publisher that just doesn't know what the f**k they are doing with all their subsidiaries, is all - and DD is one of those subsidiaries.

Reply Soulmage, 19th Dec 2009

*just finished rereading the archives*
Gawd I love this comic.
I don't think I ever noticed before how very good you are at illustrating creatures, and I am fond of your usual coloring style as well.
Glad to see an update and look forward with great anticipation for the next one. ^_^

Reply Risques, 26th Dec 2009

this might upset a few people but i dont care
i dont want yuffie and vince to get together... Vincent and Cid make a better couple. i had to say it
I AM ENJOYING THIS COMIC THOUGH. dont get all hater on me.

Reply skystears, 28th Dec 2009

I'm so happy to see an update here T.T I cant stand the way drunk duck is layed out so I avoid reading comics from there XD
This is like one of my fav webcomics ever :)

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