Chapter 8 - 400

13th Jan 2010

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Reply Enkida, 13th Jan 2010

very busy in RL right now

I emphasize with Yuffie's state of mind at the moment

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Reply Enkida, 13th Jan 2010

working also on getting my old design back

bear with the hiccups please

Reply Enkida, 13th Jan 2010

alright, I think everything is fixed. if you see an xtos banner popping up somewhere tell me where so I can swat it. also 400 page celebratory cid :)

Reply Enkida, 14th Jan 2010

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User's Comments:

Reply Brandi (Guest), 13th Jan 2010

Your work is so great!! I'm guessing it takes a long time to do this stuff but how long will it be for the next one? I love your comic so much!
Cant wait~!

Reply Enkida, 14th Jan 2010

Thanks. Real life keeps me very busy at the moment, but Francesca is graciously colouring the last page of this chapter so hopefully it won't be quite as long as the last wait.

Reply Soulmage, 15th Jan 2010

O_O *literally goes into a coughing fit from laughing so hard*
I'm sorry, but the tiny Cid in the bottom corner completely ruined it for me! X'D
So much drama and epic posing, all completely irrelevant compared to that random face!
I know it's a page marker, but still..! *cracks up again*

Reply KoShiatar, 16th Jan 2010

I've just finished inking. I wanted to try a flatting plugin I've recently been suggested that will make me save a lot of time, but it turns out it only works in older versions of Photoshop! Ouch...

Reply KrystaTRose (Guest), 2nd Feb 2010

Oh, a page marker. I glanced over this page and at first I thought Cid was saying "Hoo" I thought it was for emphasis of the really hard slap. Even Cid felt it. XD

Reply Guest, 13th May 2010

I thought the 400 was a combo counter, not a page marker.

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