Chapter 4 - 192

3rd Dec 2006

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Reply Enkida, 1st Dec 2006

Back in Action! Welcome to December! Incentive requests are open again, check the front page for more information. Galleries have been updated, so be sure to check them out to see all that fantastic filler art that you guys sent in! The comic is returning to a M-W-F update schedule. And last but not least, this week's incentive is Vincent, Cid, Cait Sith and Reeve, so be sure to go vote.

It's good to be back. :-)

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User's Comments:

Reply Steph (Guest), 3rd Dec 2006

Yay! I'm glad it's back and back to a MWF schedule :)

Reply Shadow_13, 3rd Dec 2006

Oh, thank the Gods!! I have missed this so MUCH!!! It's like Crack and I have been going through a MAJOR withdraw!!!! (of the comic... not Crack, naturally) *Tauntaun kicks her in the rump for being such a ridiculous nincompoop*

It is good to have you back to play with us, Enkida!

Reply Shadow_13, 3rd Dec 2006

Btw.... I LOVE Yuffie in the 4th panel!! just bloomin LOVE her!! *Shadow goes into Growth O.D. and happily rambles around in a blissful stupor and cranks up Gackt music to go into FFVII overdrive*


Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 4th Dec 2006

Heh. Yuffie's "Don't say anything!" face is awesome. I'm so happy to see a new page!

Reply Zed Di Dragon, 4th Dec 2006

Aw, I never got the enemy skill mastered. I just couldn't get the Chocobuckle to save my life.

...Yuffie's a bigger geek than me. Or not.

Reply Lasharus (Guest), 4th Dec 2006

You're right, getting that last enemy skill was HELL! :P never found out how to get it.

Anyways, i only just found this comic, and i must say it's a brilliantly drawn and written comic -- keep it up :D

Reply Bluefish (Guest), 4th Dec 2006

Woot! You are back!

Reply DaLover (Guest), 4th Dec 2006

Yay!! Finally, some update! Nice, and welcome back!!

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 4th Dec 2006

! :D Yay! New comic! And as always, awsome work! :D

Reply Amarou, 4th Dec 2006

yay fer the update! <3

Reply flare346, 4th Dec 2006

I want to know why Yuffie is risking her life!!!!

Reply Kuba (Guest), 4th Dec 2006

I want to know why Yuffie is not letting Nanaki in on her stash...some friend.

Reply Peppo, 4th Dec 2006

I wanna know why yuffie isn't jumping Vincent's bones..... oops.. did I day that out loud???

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 4th Dec 2006

Great Job! I'm so glad you're updating again! Everytime I sat down at the computer, this comic was the first thing I checked; I still do! I loved Vincent's expression in the last pannel and Yuffie's expression in the first. Uber job!

Reply Stormy (Guest), 4th Dec 2006

Yay! <3 Back to the old updates!

Hey, is it just me, or does Vincent look...younger in the last panel? O.o

Reply Dark-Chaos, 5th Dec 2006

If she has all four Enermy Skill's Mastered then she is obsessed. Infact if they all have Trine then she found another source for it... think she'd tell me? ','

Reply Enkida, 5th Dec 2006

Trine I don't remember much of the game (been a while since I played it), but I DO remember that mastering Enemy Skill was a real bee-otch. I think I only ever mastered one or two of them. I think these are all of the sources of TRINE in-game:
- Midgar Zolem or whatever that snake thing was called
- Materia Keeper in the promised land
- Godo in the Pagoda

You know, unless you levelled up beforehand like mad crazy, Yuffie's side-quest was one of the hardest in FF7, topped for me only by Emerald Weapon (... and maybe the fighter arena thing in the Gold Saucer). So yeah... I see the little ninja as being pretty darn tough as a fighter, no matter what her personality is like.

Reply Guardian1 (Guest), 5th Dec 2006

Still totally in love with Yuffie's colour scheme. Green + purple FOR THE WIN.

Reply Dark-Chaos, 6th Dec 2006

Just so you know the Midgar Zolem gave you BETA. BETA was a powerful Fire spell, while Trine was the powerful Thunder/Electric Spell. The problem with Trine was that three of the four possible fights with it are mandatory and BEFORE you get the fourth Materia. Meaning you have to put off the optional fight in Yuffie's sub-quest until AFTER you get it. To my knowledge it's the only Enemy Skill that can left unobtainible.
But you're right on the other two.
I think completing Enemy Skill requires more skill then getting Master Materia (probably because you can get a Master set by trading items, along with a Gold Chocobo)

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