Chapter 4 - 193

5th Dec 2006

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Reply Enkida, 5th Dec 2006

Staredown If any of you want to friend me on the newly-created ComicSpace, go ahead:

There's a beautiful new fanart of Cloud in the lifestream by Shadow, please go check out the gift gallery to see it!

Q&A time:
- Vincent looks younger because I've been experimenting with bigger eyes after the month of not drawing. His char design has also shifted very slightly due to some helpful visual aides sent to me by Shadow from DoC (which I don't actually own).

- My Lucretia/Lucrecia is far enough from official game canon that I'm not sure if I will change the spelling anymore. Probably for future pages I will spell her name correctly, but I don't think I will go back and overwork old pages, especially since I lost the source files when my HD crashed. I personally hate it when webcomics hold up the ongoing story to revamp old pages.

The galleries have been fully updated, please notify me by email if you sent some artwork and don't see it posted yet.

Also, I am drawing an Ikebana filler story for December. It updates Fridays, so go check it out if you have the time! And please excuse if I seem a little busy or slow to respond to emails this month. :-)

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Reply Peppo, 5th Dec 2006

I absolutely love yuffie's face n the last pannel. She looks angry but at the same time insecure. Wonderful expressions!

Reply Stephanie (Guest), 5th Dec 2006

Heh Hehe I love panel 4. I can just feel the anger :)

Reply Kuba (Guest), 5th Dec 2006

I think Vincent and Nanaki need to stage an intervention...

Reply Guardian1 (Guest), 5th Dec 2006

For some reason, the second-panel Vincent is SO CUTE I want to SQUISH HIM.

I love how your expressions have come along - Yuffie in the last panel is PER-FECT.


Reply Shadow_13, 6th Dec 2006

*SQUEAL* Oh I SWEAR I am getting high from "Growth" overdose!! *Shadow swoons*

It's like coming home after a really lonely, wretched, lonnnnng business trip and just feeling the comfort!!

Did I mention how fan-f*****g-tastic it is to have you and the comic bacccckkkkk??? (Pardon the language)


PS~ Thanks Kirlaskia! I get to start on my Sexy Sephys after I complete that Cloud picty (just add water!!) Woo-Woo!!!

Reply Tempest_Summers, 6th Dec 2006

The expressions in panel 5 = <3

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 6th Dec 2006

Vincent's going into Daddy mode...Hehehehe. I enjoy the zapping muchly.

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 6th Dec 2006

Vincent's going into Daddy mode...Hehehehe. I enjoy the zapping muchly.

Reply Bluefish (Guest), 6th Dec 2006

This is probably one of the best pages you've done so far. The expressions are especially well done. Bravo.

Reply Neph (Guest), 7th Dec 2006

Yes, Growth is BAAAACK!! *dances* I agree, this is a well done page... but the pose Yuffie has in the first panel doesn't really make sense. I mean, the hand on the head kind of does, but the other hand looks kind of lost (did that even make sense?).
I like Yuffie in the third panel, too... and Vincent in the last one! *swoon*

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 7th Dec 2006

ZAP ZAP ZAP! XD OMG! This is what I haven't seen ever before! Vincent's and Yuffie's dead stare! XD (I have FF7 DoC and I have played it over ^^)

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