Chapter 4 - 195

26th Dec 2006

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Reply Enkida, 26th Dec 2006

Happy Holidays Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in bringing you the comic. This holiday season has been pretty crazy, and I don't know if I will be able to keep a regular update schedule until next year. However, I will publish what I can on either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday so check back every now and then. And thanks for voting! Hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas, and many thanks for the well wishes and artwork.

Oh, and yes, it's the Mystile.

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Reply wombat (Guest), 26th Dec 2006

suggestion lol, love panel 4, nice expression. although I would suggest that you make Yuffie's scars a little less pronounced, they look like they're really irritated or something. so yeah, good job

Edit: w00t first post!

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 26th Dec 2006

Fwahaha, I recognized it! :D I am inordinately pleased, as I have not touched FFVII in almost a year now and yet still retain my fandom.

Happy holidays! I hoe you got everything you wanted...and then some! There's no such thing as too much of a good thing, only stockpiling for when it begins to pour.

Edit...not really: w00t! Second post!

p.s. I like Yuffie's sly cat eyes in the fifth panel. So cute!!!

Reply Kuba (Guest), 27th Dec 2006

No worries, Enkida. Just take some time and see where things go.

Reply Bluefish (Guest), 27th Dec 2006

An update! Woo! Also, ignore wombat. Scars are smexy.

Reply Xi3 (Guest), 27th Dec 2006

Oh teh awesomeness of the mystile! Unfortunately, its rareness leaves a little to be desired. Stupid two of a kind only.... *grumbles about rare items in games* But ya, methinks that Yuffie might be getting a crush on Vincent, especially after the fourth pannel. ^.^

Reply Dark-Chaos, 28th Dec 2006

Well there is a trick to get three Mystiles. You know the one where you have to split up the team. If you pick it up there and before conintuing go back and take the other route. Tifa will give you the SAME Mystile because the game thinks you didn't go that way and she picked it up. That way your entire party can have them. Of course if you're not going to have Tetra Bangles on a character you might want to use Something that Negates the four Tetra Elements as armour and couple that with Ribbon... but to each their own.

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 28th Dec 2006

Wee new comic! I love Yuffie's face on fourth panel! :D

Reply Akunen, 28th Dec 2006

Woohoo! New page! Haha, I agree, I like the fourth panel too. x3

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 28th Dec 2006

Wow, I love Yuffie's expression in the first pannel. And as always, Vinnie looks scrumptious. ^___^;; And I agree with wombat, the scars look a bit too pronounced...a bit too red if you ask me. Try to make them a tad darker than the rest of her skin. But that's just me. Keep at it and have a Happy New Year!

Reply Shadow_13, 28th Dec 2006

I rather thought that Yuffies scars were not only deep and rather traumatic... but also were relatively new - thus WOULD be blunt in color for a few years at least (I know this because I have several scars like that and after 10 years they are still pronounced depending on the weather)

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