Chapter 4 - 196

28th Dec 2006

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Reply Enkida, 28th Dec 2006

YOINK! Hey, thanks for the feedback everyone. Scars are lighter, they DO look better that way. Also, there's some new guest art in the gift gallery - 2 lovely pictures of Yuffie from KoShiatar, 1 really beautiful Vincent / Yuffie picture from RRHood, and 1 "Nescience" fancomic that I got from the SJ Secret Santa courtesy of Flintlockhandmedown. So go check them out!

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Reply Enkida, 2nd Jan 2007

Vote Incentive updated Hey, this "week's" vote incentive request is Vincent and Yuffie gaming together. A new page will be up as soon as I manage it, we're still recovering from the holidays here.

You guys will find out what the materia setup Yuffie gave Vincent is. It will also be important to the story. No, it's technically not the best combo you can set yourself up with (though it's not bad), however materia choice is actually a part of the plot. Thanks for your patience!

User's Comments:

Reply Peppo, 28th Dec 2006

yay! i love yuffie. Her face in the third panel is so arrogant. I love it.

Reply Neko (Guest), 28th Dec 2006

Are we ever going to be told exactly what those materia are? >.>

Reply Shadow_13, 28th Dec 2006

Lovely work as usual, Enkida! *sigh of relief as "Growth" fix soothes the horrid withdraw symptoms of the past month or so*

Ahhhhhhh.... This is like crack, you know? (at least I am guessing *wink*)

Reply Tyasha (Guest), 28th Dec 2006

awesomeness awesome!awesome!awesome!awesomenessssssssssssssssssssss!
man, u rock!.
yeah, id like to know what materia they are too...

Reply Dark-Chaos, 28th Dec 2006

Summon and Support materia...
I'm guesing Odin and Added Effect in the armour like Yuffie was saying ealier. She said 'will keep you going in the crater' so I'm gussing the other two are Final Attack and Phoenix. Though personly I'd rather avoid that and use. Comet + MP&HP Absorb, Comet + Quadra Magic, Comet + MP Rage, Comet + W-Magic. What does that do? 16 Meciless comets that drain HP and MP, each doing just under the damage of a normal comet (QM lowers the damage to 3/5's, and MP Rage restores most of that. For those interested, this keeps replenishs your MP and HP by ALOT. Anyway, I also have to wounder if one of those is a Master Summon.

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 29th Dec 2006

Oh, I just love Vincent's expression in the fourth pannel. And good job on lightening the scars. They look a LOT better and less irritated. And the hand movement in the fifth pannel is awesome. How the heck did you mannage that? Anywho, it's awesome! Keep it up and Happy New Years!

Reply wombat (Guest), 30th Dec 2006

w00t cool, somebody took my advice! that's rare. this calls for a celebration, break out the champagne (did I spell that right?) as usual, another comic of superb quality.

Reply Neph (Guest), 30th Dec 2006

Yay! Another comic.... and such a good one, too. ^____^ I like the third panel the best.... Yuffie's flaunting her inflated ego and Vincent's just all "Yeah... right."

But I think Yuffie's expressions in the first and last panels are the best. They just seem to, I don't know, stand out more. ^___^

Reply andygoth, 30th Dec 2006

TOK TOK TOK It usually takes me about an hour to decide on a materia setup. Wow.

You're right about the scars. Now she doesn't look so much like Zangief. :^)

Reply Kitty Silver (Guest), 31st Dec 2006

The eyes! Yeah I really like this comic especially the first one. I really liked the way that her eyes came out. Somehow to me half the time her eyes are close because she's either being smug or laughing. Ooooh that last panel is cute too with her face. X3

Reply flare346, 31st Dec 2006

AGRH! I want to know which Materia does she have

Reply Shadow_13, 31st Dec 2006

I may be a silly ninny... but Somehow I don't think the Materia that is used is critical to the story necessarily. Remember... this is a story - NOT the actual game. Let's not get too picky and take some of the focus away on the real plot.

Having said this I realize that yes, in the future it very well COULD matter if they come up against some whacked beastie or whatnot and a fight ensues... but when and IF it is critical, then I am sure Enkida will tell us everything we need to know.

For now, my advice is just enjoy the story for what it is. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!

Reply bob (Guest), 1st Jan 2007

Well see, thats what I have assumed myself, that the materia setup is necessary, not only for story/plot, but also for what I assume are gonna be some really cool fight scenes. Anyways, I never could quite setup my materia effectively and its cool getting tips from the "expert" as it were. So nyah.

Reply MZurowski, 2nd Jan 2007

Was that a dig? I can't help thinking that your incentive pic is somehow a commentary on my lack of success on that particular game...

Reply KoShiatar (Guest), 2nd Jan 2007

Thank you for uploading my pic in the gallery!
I see that you like to experiment with camera angles and perspectives at times. Keep at it, the results are interesting!

Reply Enkida, 2nd Jan 2007

Hah. Matt - As the first person who I know from meatspace to ever comment on this comic, you get a personal response! Let me just say, yes, indeed, that is a *direct reflection* of my observation of your "not-so-mad skillz" at that game. NOT! Seriously, I suck at ego shooters and you were getting A's, weren't you?! But, happily, I do not suck at making "incentive request" images. Which goes for anyone, you can still request an image and eventually, you will see it as a vote incentive. :-)

Reply Dark-Chaos, 3rd Jan 2007

In that case... Yuffie in a Psudo-Chaos apperance? Sort of like Vincent's version Chaos from Dirge of Cerberous. Because Yuffie as Chaos would be great. Maybe not as Galian. somehow Yuffie crossed witha Behemoth dosen't seem a great idea, though I could be wrong.

And I'm guessing after saying that about Yuffie, some people may want to see Vincent dressed up similar to Yuffie. So I thought I'd mention it to save the embaresment of those people.
Note: I am not personaly one of those people, but it may be funny none-the-less.

Reply wombat (Guest), 3rd Jan 2007

materia? oh dang, materia is part of the plot? I hardly even know what it is!! I fear I may become very lost in the next few while

Reply Shadow_13, 3rd Jan 2007

Enkida!! Fan Art for you!! Just thought I would give you the heads up! I sent you my latest (and bloody most difficult!)sketch - but this one may be a bit to mature to post in your gallery *gulp* If this one is then the next one (IF I get the guts to do it) will most certainly be!

Anyone who wants to see them though, they will be in my DA gallery as soon as Enkida either gives it the "go" or "no go" for hers!

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 4th Jan 2007

Yuffie in this comic part reminds me the part Yuffie stole my materia in FF7, I realy hated that part......I love Vincent expression on fourth panel ^^ (Wee! I got Vincent figure today! :P)

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