Chapter 4 - 197

4th Jan 2007

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Reply Enkida, 4th Jan 2007

Lots of Good Things. First of all, this page is dedicated to my sister, who prompted me to get back into thinking about layout instead of just drilling out pages. I was beginning to forget that I *like* doing comics for a while there. Thanks, Michelle!

Second of all, I want to wish all of you a belated Happy New Year. I hope you had a safe and fun one, and best of luck in sticking to your resolutions!

Thirdly, Shadow made a very fine Sephiroth fan-art which features partial nudity. As such, please visit her DA gallery (link) if you want to see it.

Speaking of the Gallery, the domain name for expires in about 10-20 days. As I don't personally own the right to renew it (yet), there will most likely be a short disruption in the gallery page service one of these days. Rest assured, I know about it and will be working to resolve it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Chapter 4 is (finally) ending in one or two pages. So, stay tuned for Chapter 5 of Growth, and thanks for voting!

There's a new link in the "doujinshi" section - even though it's Japanese-language only, be sure to check out the Honeybee Manor (link) - not only is there a small FF7 doujinshi there, but also tons and tons of fanart, all done so well that they might as well have been drawn by Nomura himself. Hint: Use the Google translator to help you navigate the site.

Finally, "Ikebana" will be updated with 3 new pages (link) on Friday, so go check it out and leave a comment (or two bazillion)!

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Reply Dark-Chaos, 4th Jan 2007

Well Odin and Added Effect was obivous because Yuffie gave them to him before, and I see I was right about Phoenix and Final Attack too :)
Nice work, this page looks far more impresive then the last colour ones you had done.
As for the last pages comments... I'm glad someone like my idea of Yuffie in a Psudo-Chaos form... and I guess the whole Vincent dressed as Yuffie too... I guess -.-
But you know what WOULD be an impenetrable defense? A Zeidrich that 'happpened' to have four materia slots for those materia. -,-

Reply andygoth, 4th Jan 2007

Odin and Phoenix seem to be playing nicely, which is odd considering how they're perfect opposites.

I'm very glad to see the return of your little arrows ("noticing the smile"); for some reason I find them to be funny beyond words. Beautiful!

Reply klepto-maniac0 (Guest), 4th Jan 2007

Ach, Yuffie's expression is just...SO CUTE. She's totally crushing on him right now.

And I like your rendition of Sleipnir. Even though it sort of looks like he's eating the Phoenix's tail. Nice page! I love the color usage. It's WOW. Glad to have you back.

Reply Shadow_13, 4th Jan 2007

What a poignant and touching moment!

I don't know why but I feel like I just eves dropped in on something very personal and intimate!

Keep up the fantastic work, Enkida!

And thanks for the kudos Kirlaskia!*hug*

Reply Rose (Guest), 5th Jan 2007

*squeal* Vinnie looks cute when smiling ^__^
And I love your drawing of phoenix too, very pretty

Reply Lucrecia92 (Guest), 5th Jan 2007

SUPER DUPER HYPER KAWAI!!!!!!!! AAAAAA!!!! Vinnie-poo look's kawai when he smiles! Grr....back away Yuffie! He's mine!! XD I love this page and the new cover of the comic! ^^

Reply Skyen (Guest), 5th Jan 2007

Personally, I always had Vincent be the Instant Death Dealer he was designed to be. Quadra Magic and level 3 elemental magics, Final Cut, Odin... that sorta stuff. Death Penalty doesn't deal any damage unless he kills and kills a lot.

... Which must be kinda depressing for dear Vince, really. Then again, so is most everything else in his life.

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 5th Jan 2007

Vinnie's Smile! Oh my gawd, Vinnie's smile is! And yeah, Odin's horse looks like he's eating Phoenix if you look close enough. lol Anywho, it's GREAT to have you back!

Reply wombat (Guest), 5th Jan 2007

WOW thats a really cool drawing. I love those...things in the background. I have no clue what those materias are, but who cares. I love the color, red and black look really good side by side wow. keep up the good work!!@!

ps: what is 'kawaii'?

Reply Reno's Stalker, 5th Jan 2007

Vincent smiling is to DIE for.

Reply andygoth, 5th Jan 2007

Materia and equipment Odin + Added Effect on a weapon gives it the power of instant death. Phoenix + Final Attack causes Phoenix to be automatically summoned when your character is mortally wounded, and Phoenix deals fire damage to the enemy and revives all allies to full health. The ribbon prevents all status ailments, and the Mystile has high defense.

See if you have any more questions.

Reply Neph (Guest), 5th Jan 2007

On the way to a smile..... Wow.... the first full smile Vincent's shown! I think this should go down in history or something.... he looks truly happy, not guarded or doom-and-gloom. That with his thoughts, "It's not about death, it's about life," is really sweet and touching.

And Yuffie.... that is cute. ^.^ But... she might want to tone it down a bit! A little bit of mystery is all part of the game! Although... Vincent has enough of that for both of them, huh. ^__^;; Lucky for her he has his eyes closed. :P

This is a really great page.... Kudos! Oooh, and it's almost 200 pages!

Reply Xi3 (Guest), 6th Jan 2007

Vincent Smiled?!? WTF...

I think my brain just suffered a system overload. The only other times he's ever smiled were before the whole coffin thing... so ya... *clap, clap* I'm out.

Reply flare346, 6th Jan 2007

Vince smile is so cute...

Reply Enkida, 6th Jan 2007

Materia School Odin + Added Effect and Phoenix + Final Attack, both loaded into a Mystile, while a ribbon is equipped, means this:

- protection from most status ailments
- protection from instant death attacks
- very high magic protection
- respectable physical protection
- on K.O. in battle, chance to be auto-ressurrected while dealing fire damage to enemies

Please note that the details of having Phoenix chained to Final Attack (auto ressurrection on knock out, with chances to fail) are important to this story.

Reply Akunen, 7th Jan 2007

Wow! A smile! He looks good though. <3

Reply Naya, 7th Sep 2007


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