Chapter 4 - 198

7th Jan 2007

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Reply Enkida, 7th Jan 2007

Chapter 4 Ends... Wow! It's finally over, the longest chapter of 'Growth' to date. :-) I'm also going to start drawing Nanaki's shoulder tattoo properly from now on. Next chapter, Vincent gets a new shirt at least, because I'm sick of colouring him black-black-black. Stay tuned for Chapter 5!

Also, if you're getting a bandwidth/capacity error on the page, wait a few minutes and then try again. This is not something I can control, it is an overall problem with SmackJeeves and Dreamhost.

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User's Comments:

Reply Enkida, 7th Jan 2007

thanks for catching that. fix'd!

Reply Peppo, 7th Jan 2007

lol. Yuffie is falling so very hard for vincent. Come to think of it, I am too! *swoons*

Reply Cerise, 7th Jan 2007

This comic makes me wish my FFVII disc wasn't scratched so I could actually play it. ;_;

Reply mike (Guest), 7th Jan 2007

RUN RUN away you like blue eyes blond hair! lol this will be good..

Reply Akunen, 7th Jan 2007

xD Yuffie makes me laugh.

I share your pain, Cerise! I hafta buy a new one on ebay... They don't sell them out in stores here anymore.

Reply andygoth, 7th Jan 2007

</consultation> Right now I'm listening to Shiro Hamaguchi & Seiji Honda playing "Descendent of Shinobi" (Yuffie's theme) on the piano, and my mom's loving it. She says it sounds like Scott Joplin. :^) Find it on FF7 Piano Collection.

Yay, another arrow thingie! I love those, but I can't explain why. (It's a secret.)

Reply Rose (Guest), 8th Jan 2007

*giggles* I love Yuffie's thought process. I agree though, Vinnie does look cuter when he smiles.

Reply Gining (Guest), 8th Jan 2007

Aww, poor Nanaki. He's so left out. But as always, you have done another amazing job with this. I am so looking forward to seeing you draw the crater(sp?). And all those other dog/cat things, good luck!

Reply Casseh Valentine (Guest), 8th Jan 2007

Oh, I just love Yuffie's inner voice. ^___^;; And yeah, Vincent is over-due for a shirt change...but what would it look like? 0___o;; For some reason I pictured a Hawaiian shirt on Vinnie which makes no sense whatsoever since they're going back up north...

Anywho, keep up the uber, fantastic, wonderful work!

Reply RowanWatersprite, 8th Jan 2007

*grins* congrats on completing the chapter!
This last page is very cute.

Reply Neph (Guest), 8th Jan 2007

The End of Chapter 4 is here!!! I can't wait for Chapter 5! And I want to know what Vincent's new shirt will look like. And of course if he'll continue smiling and how Yuffie's crush will turn out.... and more screentime with Red! ^o^ Oh, the agony! The anticipation!!

Wow, look at the size of those sweatdrops... and that frantic denial... She's got it bad. :P

Reply flare346, 9th Jan 2007

That's sooo funny!

Reply M - SyxX (Guest), 9th Jan 2007

*sigh*...denial Yuffie, just go with red eyes & brunette hair, dammit!!

Reply wombat (Guest), 10th Jan 2007

actually... I also imagined vincent in a hawaiian shirt...but that is not hard to do, its the easiest shirt to imagine on just about anyone.

still not done laughing @ yuffie.

still not done...will update

Reply Silverblood87401 (Guest), 25th Jul 2007

Yuffie, forget it. Your totally smitten with Vincent.

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