28th May 2006

Galleries Updated

Hey everybody! The galleries have been updated, and there's a new incentive image up, so please go vote! Did you know that if you're a Smackjeeves member, you can give every single page of the comic a rating? Feel free to do so if you like. If you leave a bad rating, comment on what you think could be improved on the page so I can try harder.

And for everyone leaving comments, I just want to say thank you once again. I don't think I can express my apreciation enough, really. Especially to the non-English speakers who are following this comic anyway. There wouldn't be a doujin without your encouragment and support, so I've very grateful!

Finally, I've signed on as story editor for Ikebana, a fantasy manga made by the talented artist Momo-toe. Ikebana is coming to print in the Philippines, so please consider ordering a copy if you live there! Otherwise, you can enjoy the manga in (slowly improving) English right here on Smackjeeves.

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Kuba (Guest), 31st May 2006

Aww... well that is very nice of you to thank people who follow your comic. I am sure the fans appreciate that, just as they appreciate the comic.

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