15th Jun 2006

Doujin Art Trade!

Any artists out there interested in having a little fun? If you create a doujin of any kind, I'm offering a trade of one piece of artwork I create featuring a character from your comic in exchange for one piece of artwork you create featuring a character from my comic. Drop a line here if you want to participate!

You can also check out a new, just-started FF7 Doujin called Taint, staring Vincent and drawn by Misuzu. Misuzu is responsible for next week's incentive, which features Vincent GQ'ing for us. Don't worry, it's not x-rated, but if you girls find yourselves licking your screen, you can blame her completely for it. ;-)

"Growth" updates on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Check out Ikebana if you like shoujo comedy, or if you're a high fantasy fan, try Nescience.

posted by Enkida @ 15th Jun 2006   3 comments


FinaloutBurst (Guest), 30th Jun 2006

Cool Yeah this comic is awesome. I'm just wondering why you switched to colored pencils, I liked it in the "manga" style.

Enkida, 1st Jul 2006

I switched because my hard drive melted, so I lost all my screentones and access to photoshop, for a while. ^^; I still don't have my tones and harddrive back yet, but people seem to like the pencils anyhow. :-)

, 3rd Jul 2006

Yeah Yeah I didn't mean I DIDN'T like the new style, I just was wondering why you switched, anyway, thanks for the info.

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