6th Sep 2006


Well, there's two new projects on the BBQ, and Growth is still going strong. First of all, if you like Fushigi Yugi style manga romance, check out Momo Toe's work, Masama Hideki - it's another collab project we're doing! Also, Smack Talk is coming online mid-September - the e-zine guide to the Smackjeeves Comic Hosting site, and another project I have my fingers in. And last but not least, Incentive Request bonanza is still going on, so feel free to request an image if you want to see it as an incentive. I'm hoping to bring the doujin to a constant high 40s on the TWC list this month, and a big thank you to all of those who have helped so far!

"Growth" updates on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Check out Ikebana if you like shoujo comedy, or if you're a high fantasy fan, try Nescience.

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RR Hood (Guest), 1st Oct 2006

Link you Hey! Your work is great. I love your comic...and hope it keeps going for a long long time!
I would really like to add link/banner for your site on FF Community, but I can't figure out how to make it into a clickable image button (You link pic) Any idea how I can do that?


Crazy_Fox, 6th Oct 2006

Okay, do the normal <a href> coding, and instead of text, put the <img src> coding. If you are on another site that uses more basic html, use [URL=] and [img] codings.

I hope that helps out anyone with the same question.

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