1st Dec 2006

December Holidays!

Welcome to December! It's a new month, and that means there's lots of new goodies for you guys to sink your teeth into. First of all, the comic is returning to a Monday - Wednesday - Friday update schedule, and will be updating with actual comic pages once more, not just filler. Thanks for bearing with me for the last month!

Second of all, Incentive Requests are starting up again. Requested incentive images will be posted in the next couple of weeks; if YOU want to see a particular image for an incentive sometime next year, leave a message here (or on the comic) and I'll put it in the queue.

Associated comic updates:

Nescience will begin updating again in January 2007.

Ikebana will be on temporary hiatus until February 2007 after Chapter 4 is concluded; I will be drawing a side story during that time period.

And, if you're a member of the Smackjeeves Community The SmackTalk online magazine has lots of helpful news, tips, comic reviews and interviews to follow. I work as an editor on that, so be sure to check it out.

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, 1st Dec 2006

Oooo, incentives... Perhaps a Vincent/Yuffie/Vasilli? O.o Or a Yuffie/Vasilli? Hmm... Vasilli/Vincent? :P I think I have become a bit obsessed with your Vasilli character... :P

Tempest_Summers, 2nd Dec 2006

Oooh! Oooh! Can you draw Sephie and Irvine from FF8? You'd draw the cutest Selphie, I just know it. XD.

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