29th Jan 2007

February Post

Growth updates on a Monday - Wednesday - Friday schedule. New incentive images go up on Wednesdays (usually). Incentive requests are OPEN; if you want to request a particular incentive image, make a post here and it will be added to the queue.

Other ongoing projects:

IKEBANA - I am drawing a side-story for this, please read if you like shoujo comedy manga.

NESCIENCE - My original comic. Updates very slowly... but it DOES update. ^^

MASAMA HIDEKI - Complete, drawn by Momo Toe. I simply translate to English for this one.

SMACKTALK - I report and proof for this bi-monthy news e-zine.

All fanfiction projects are currently on hold until at LEAST the end of February. Got any other questions, comments? Leave them here!

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Enkida, 29th Jan 2007

INCENTIVE REQUESTS 1. Vincent dressed as Yuffie
2. Yuffie as Chaos
3. Yazoo / Vincent / Yuffie
4. Any FF9 char EXCEPT Kuja
5. Vincent and Cloud doing karaoke
6. Kuja and Seymour in Tifa's bar
7. Vincent playing golf
8. Young Vincent and Lucrecia, friends
9. Nanaki and Yuffie, cuddly
10. Irvine and Squall, feminine clothing

andygoth, 29th Jan 2007

You can draw Kuja if you want; just make sure he's wearing something respectable. :^)

Neph (Guest), 5th Feb 2007

Um.... not to load you down or anything, but maybe a really pretty, peaceful picture of Vincent and Lucrecia, before Vincent makes his feelings for her known and gets turned away, and before Hojo goes all Dr. Frankenstein on him? You know, just being together, enjoying each other's company. All nostalgic, and everything.

Kepora (Guest), 10th Feb 2007

If your request is still open... I've been going to Fanfiction.net a lot recently, and I ran across a couple of stories between Nanaki and Yuffie that has, well...kinda made me re-think that coupling. So far in my idea for my story (Fianl Fantasy VII: Fallout), him and yuffie are going to be together, and I'd just like to ask if you could please do a picture of the two together? I'd really appreciate it.

, 4th Mar 2007

Hmm... a Irvine/Squall in feminine clothing would be nice. :P

Jed Dalton (Guest), 12th Nov 2008

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