15th Apr 2007

April Post

Growth updates on a Monday - Wednesday - Friday schedule. Incentive requests are currently CLOSED; requests will open up again once we're down to five or less. Check the comments to see the current list of requests. If you made a request and it's not in the list, chances are it's already been filled and can be found in the INCENTIVE gallery.

IKEBANA - Collaboration project with Momo Toe. This one is being published in the Philippines. :-) Updates Mondays.

NESCIENCE - My original comic. Updates very slowly and irregularly. Blame this doujin for that...

MASAMA HIDEKI - Complete, drawn by Momo Toe. I simply translate to English.

SMACKTALK - I've done work for this bi-monthly e-zine before, but I'm currently taking a break from it.

Current ongoing fanfiction projects: "How Not To Date Blondes" (FF8) and "Memento Vivere" (FFX). Got any other questions, comments? Leave them here!

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Enkida, 15th Apr 2007

INCENTIVE REQUESTS 1. Kuja and Seymour in Tifa's bar
2. Vincent playing golf
3. Young Vincent and Lucrecia, friends
4. Nanaki and Yuffie, cuddly
5. Irvine and Squall, feminine clothing

Juli Banks (Guest), 12th Nov 2008

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Ibrahim (Guest), 16th Jul 2012

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