1st May 2007

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Growth updates on a Monday - Wednesday - Friday schedule. Incentive requests are OPEN once again, so leave a comment here if you have a request! If you made a request and it's not in the list, chances are it's already been filled and can be found in the INCENTIVE gallery.

IKEBANA - Collaboration project with Momo Toe. This one is being published in the Philippines. :-) Updates Mondays.

NESCIENCE - My original comic. Updates very slowly and irregularly. Blame this doujin for that...

MASAMA HIDEKI - Complete, drawn by Momo Toe. I simply translate to English.

SMACKTALK - I've done work for this bi-monthly e-zine before, but I'm currently taking a break from it.

Current ongoing fanfiction projects: "How Not To Date Blondes" (FF8) and "Memento Vivere" (FFX). I also have a mini-100 word drabble thing around the theme "Drunk" going on for FF7. Got any other questions, comments? Leave them here!

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Enkida, 1st May 2007

INCENTIVE REQUESTS 1. A Moogle playing a Moog
2. Yuffie and Vincent with a young daughter
3. Cloud in a chocobo costume, Sephiroth as a cactaur
4. KH Leon and Seifer fighting, Yuffie telling Leon to 'grow up'
5. FF character morphing into a summon
6. Rydia from FF4, grown-up
7. Yuffie in Emo or Goth Clothing

Casseh Valentine (Guest), 10th May 2007

Hey, my sister has an incentive request for you:

Zidane proposing to Garnet. ^____^;;

andygoth, 13th May 2007

Casseh: I would love to see that. On my behalf, please thank your sister for making the request.

Mog from the Eiko incentive gives me an idea. My incentive request is a moogle playing one of these: http://www.moogmusic.com/ .

, 14th May 2007

(Don't feel obligated to do mine, since I make so many requests. :P)

hehe, wouldn't mind seeing a Yuffie/Vincent with a little girl (that is theirs, of course)

Neph (Guest), 14th May 2007

Vincent in a tux. ^____^ Looking all fancy and drool-worthy.

Cloud in a chocobo costume, Sephiroth as a cactuar.

Yuffie giving Cloud a peck on the cheek.

Tifa and Cloud.

Feel free to take your pick of any of these, if they're all together too much (I have the feeling they are). Thanks! ^o^

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